Friday, August 27, 2010

Yes and Yes cat adventures- Feline Fridays

One of the most fantastic blogs I've ever run across is Sarah Von's Yes and Yes blog.  Filled with intriguing interviews, optimistic quotes and her often hysterical misadventures I find her blog the perfect combination of daily pick me up and daily dose of giggles.  Point in fact was her very funny post on Friday the 20th of August.  Part of her 31 things to do before she turns 31 (happening on August 29th!):

31 New Things: Walk My Cat On A Leash and Be All "What?"

I would like to preface this post by tell you that if my cat Putin was a human, he would be Niles Crane. He would probably have a variety of imagined ailments, he'd be allergic to peanuts, he'd be married to shrew of a woman and he'd definitely have a PhD in Something Useless from Somewhere Impressive.

I'm just saying: Putin is not necessarily an example of robust manhood.
He's more an example of Fraidy Cat, Fancy Boy.

So I did not take this goal of leash-using and outside-going lightly. Oh, no. There was a week of just wearing the harness around the house for funsies. There were two weeks of wearing the harness outside, while sitting on a blanket. There was walking on the leash up and down the halls of the apartment building. There was pre-walk cat-nip doping and mid-walk treat-giving.

And you know what all this resulted in? A whole lot of this:

Total refusal to engage in walking. Followed directly by:

Freak out. "OMG! Is that a squirrel?! Don't squirrels eat cat face for breakfast?!"

"That hydrangea is glowering at meeeee!"
"Human across the street. Dire threat to personal safety. Eff this noise."

"I can has inside?"

Have you ever walked a non-dog pet on a leash? What's your secret to success?

I was virtually in tears from this post, I mean between the catnip doping and the looks of horror on Putin's face I could barely read the post from my case of giggle-till-you-cry. 

Of course I can totally sympathize as my cats go out on leashes and harnesses as well (although not on walks or I would definitely get that reaction), mine mearly head out to my urban oasis with me and hang out in the garden while tethered to a stake in the yard.  Over the 15 fosters I've had plus my own three cats prior to them I have now trained close to 20 cats to go outside on a leash and harness, and lets just say I've had my fair share of Putin like reactions.  My current cat Baxter finds the harness so funny feeling he just slouches around with his belly on the ground whenever he has it on.  This can be particularly funny when he's going up or down the stairs (especially down) since he tries to just slide across them, all 14 pounds of him! 

Anyhow I'm dying to hear your funny pet on a leash story so please share! (it can be any pet, I did take my bunny out on a leash and harness when I was 8)