Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another great Contest featuring blog

Man I'm finding more and more contest announcing blogs!  Thank the lord as everyone wants a good contest but finding them can be impossible, so we all need whatever help we can get.

is my latest find, but in addition I'd like to recommend these ones as well:
I'm a reader not a writer
West of Mars Win a Book
Busy moms love to read book giveaways
Book addict 4 real giveaway fridays
 Now go win a book already!


  1. Thanks for posting about us! i really appreciate it. It's always hard getting a blog off the ground but I really believe in this blog and it's so neat seeing so many contests in one place! I've added yours to our list!

  2. not a problem! it's so much fun to find all these book giveaway focused blogs!

  3. It's nice to know someone's had a look at things and checked they are not scams!