Saturday, September 11, 2010

Belated Feline Friday- Out and about in my city

So my delay this week is due to a very good reason, I've been insanely busy setting up this years Annex Cat Rescues table at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair, whose theme this year is Compassion for animals.

If you're in the Toronto area I highly recommend this event as a great way to spend some of your time this weekend. Primarily a food show with lots of delish food and great cookwares (hey I'm not vegetarian and I still love the food, good food is always just good food no matter what the type!) it also has a bunch of rescue groups out there as well as musical performances and tones of samples.

Besides Annex Cat Rescue the good people from Toronto Cat Rescue, Coalition for farm Animals and the Ferret rescue folks are all down there raising funds, educating and sharing their love of animals.
No seriously.
I spent half the night last night hearing peoples great pet stories and sharing mine and Annex's. In fact I met this awesome fellow with his rock star pug called Sir Maximilian (who himself was a rescue). After chatting about how attached you get and general love of pets, Max's dad rolls up his sleeve and shows me a great big tattoo he has of Max! Made me feel like my ring for Topaz was a meager offering!
So for a great time, that also just happens to be great for the world in general, stop on by.

235 Queens Quay, Harbourfront Center, Toronto
Saturday 11-9pm
Sunday 11-7pm

Veggie food fair
Annex Cat Rescue
Toronto Cat Rescue
The Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals
The Ferret Aid Society

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