Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Clockwork Angel, Book 1 of the Infernal Devices- Review

After blowing through Cassandra Clare's first trilogy for the The Mortal Instruments last year, it seems like a cruel joke to have to wait for her next two trilogies one by one. But I have waited.
Most patiently.
For months and months (three more months then all the lovely boys and girls that went to the BEA)...I'm just saying folks.  This wait took fortitude.
My just reward was sold to me last Tuesday, upon the release of the first of the Infernal Devices trilogy (the The Mortal Instruments prequel trilogy if your not up on her announcements), and I merrily trundled home with a copy of Clockwork Angel in my hand.

To be honest, I think it could have been total pooh and I would have sung its praises, but it wasn't, not poohy at all.  It was so good, in fact, that I read it a mere week after Mockingjay, and it didn't even pale alongside that little masterpiece.  I will start with this simple fact, Cassandra Clare has made me fall in love with a whole new group of character's, and I am now just as excited to read more about them in a year as I am to read more about Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec and Isabelle in seven plus months.

So to backtrack, in case you've been living in a hole and missed the thirty thousand excited bloggers posting tidbits constantly, and Cassandra's announcements and teasers, the story is basically this:
Victorian England, 1870.
Meet Tessa, young girl discovering she's not as normal as she always thought.  Meet Will (Herondale, ohhh yes, Herondale) the glib young Shadowhunter who rescues her from her captivity.  Meet Jem, his partner Shadowhunter, who has a secret downfall you won't want to be true.  Meet Jessamine, the girly girl fighting her Shadowhunter heritage.  Meet Charlotte, the young woman working hard to be taken seriously among the elders of the clave in her position running the London Institute.  Meet Henry, her husband, and whimsical inventor, totally lost in the clouds of creativity.
They've come together through fate, but it's an ugly fate they might not survive. 

Clockwork Angel has all the traits I loved about The Mortal Instruments, a fast paced story, lots of intriguing character development, a titillating impossible romance, a gutsy heroine and now... great historical fashion too!!  I mean the vintage clothing obsessor in me was salivating at the mention of Charles Worth. 
But wait!
I digress!
Did I mention Magnus Bane and Church make an appearance?  Because they do, and the hints at their carefully unrevealed past has me wanting more.  Did I also already mention I've been obsessing about the next Infernal Devices book, Clockwork Prince since I put Clockwork Angel down?
Sigh, reading a series while it's being published is just such an act of endless patience!  Because now the wait begins anew for the Clockwork Prince next September.
Thank the lord Cassandra will make a pit stop into the The Mortal Instruments April 5th with the release of City of Fallen Angels to distract me a little!

Clockwork Angel, Book 1 of the Infernal Devices (Prequel Trilogy to the Mortal Instruments), by Cassandra Clare
Published by Margaret K. McElderry, August 2010


  1. great review, can't wait to read this :)

  2. you're welcome, I can't wait till you do either!

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