Thursday, September 30, 2010

Exciting October Releases!

October has some great and exciting books!

The Lost Hero, book 1 of The Heroes of Olympus- October 12th

Rick Riordan's 1st book in his revisit to Camp Half Blood, and is thus HIGHLY anticipated by his legions of rabid Percy Jackson fans (myself included!).  Expect to see me at the bookstore upon opening for this one!
Behemoth- October 5th

Scott Westerfelds first book in this series was extraordinary, Leviathan (check out my review) and it left the reader on such a cliff hanger that Tamora Pierce actually wrote a post about how torturous it would be to wait!  But in just a few days the wait will be over; though I have to say I'm disappointed with the covers I've seen floating around out there.  Leviathan was so damned pretty!  I want a matched set!
Tyger Tyger- October 18th

For once we're getting something first! YAY Canada! hahahahah.  Although not out until November 15th in the US, Kersten Hamilton's astounding first book in The Goblin Wars, Tyger Tyger will be out in Canada in time for Halloween.  I couldn't possibly recommend it enough, and I encourage you to run out first thing and pick up your copy!  And by all means, check out my review.

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