Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Exciting September Releases

Though much quieter than August, there are two really great books on my radar for release this month. 

Dexter is Delicious- September 7th
This book was great!  A terrific new entry in what will be a (hopefully) long lasting series.  An excellent post summer, back to school book.  Check out my review.

The Fall, Part two of The Strain Trilogy- September 21st
Although I have not yet read part one, The Strain, both my good friend in reading Jenna and the hubby loved it.  It gave them both nightmares.  The Hubby had such a vivid rat dream in New York (from this book) that he freaked me right out of sleep too!  So for October I've decided to focus on scary books and The Strain and The Fall are on the top of my list.

Ascendant- September 28th
Diana Peterfreunds second novel in the series that started with Rampant.  And although I still haven't read my copy of Rampant yet, I've heard nothing but good things, so by september 28th I expect I'll be dying to get my hands on this.

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