Sunday, September 19, 2010

A little Stay-cation

So every September I take a little Stay-cation, usually about a week off, and try to do some Ontario things as well as some slouching around end of summer stuff.  But in the past I've had a tendency to book it at around the same time as some of the bigger events I run through my volunteer work and accidentally had my entire week off swallowed whole by other things.  Never fun.  So this year I decided to make it a little later than usual and thus am currently on my chaise lounge lapping up the luxury that is a Sunday off!

You'll notice I went blogging MIA on Wednesday, and yes, Wednesday afternoon was the start of my time off.  So what have I been doing you ask?  Well.... Thursday was a rainy day, and so we picked up my good friend in reading Jenna, a movie, a load of junk food and had a 28 days later movie marathon.  Yesterday we hung out at the local Bloor west Village Ukrainian street sale and festival.  And in between I've been canning up a storm.  1 Batch of brandied peaches, 1 Batch of preserved lemons, two batches of strawberry vanilla bean jam and two batches of peach vanilla bean jam.  I still have pickles, plum cinnamon jam and maybe a chutney and some preserved figs to go (yes, I AM going canning crazy!).  Also on the to do list, Savour Straford festival (yes! more food! plus I've never been to Straford before), reading (not a tone of that going on the past few days), catch up on blogging, and maybe re-finish a dresser.  So yes, a very full week, but full of fun stuff I've been wanting to do all summer.

But admin duties still must go on, though neglected for a few days, so yesterday morning I fortified my coffee (baileys! I love vacation time!) and I sat down to chug through my 48 emails, and today I've fortified my coffee again (did I mention how much I love my holidays??) and I'm going to catch up on my neglected blog.

Coming down the line are some exciting things!  In the next short while I anticipate two great interviews by authors I've recently reviewed as well as a couple of giveaway contests.  Stay tuned for details shortly.  Also the hubby is so excited about my Giving me the Creeps October it seems it's most of what we talk about in reading these days, looks like it'll be a full month of books, I'll have to get to my scary book shopping soon!

In the meantime here are some of pictures of what I've been up too.  Jams, Preserves, and my ring I made in memory of Topaz came back from the setters the other day!  My first cut stone ring (I've only worked with cabochons before),  for the inquisitive types it's two regular blue topaz's, two London fog topaz's and two citrines (the colors of her eyes) gypsy set into a silver band.  I made the band and bought the stones at a wholesalers then paid someone to professionally set the stones.


  1. um the ring made me tear up. it's such a great way to remember lovely Topaz. it's stunning!

  2. Thank you, it feels really special, though since i met the guy with the tattoo of his dog! hahahahah, no no. No Topaz tattoos, it would set bad precedent, what with all the other cats, pretty soon i'd be the crazy cat lady with millions of cat tattoo's.

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