Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Never let me go, by Kazuo Ishiguro- Review, Movie news and CONTEST giveaway!!

That's right folks, a review, movie info and a fab contest all rolled into one magnificent post!  It must be a day ending in Y for such greatness.  Though I'm still on my mini stay-cation (yes I am sipping baileys infused coffee, this is how I am sure) and all days seem full of greatness, but this one is full of extra great-greatness due to two exciting things:

  1. I am a web-master extraordinaire! I have figured out how to embed forms for a super fly, state of the art contest experience.
  2. I have a really exciting contest to announce that you would be simply foolish not to race to my state of the art form (see above) to enter!
Recently, my good friend in reading, Jenna, went on a search to find Ishiguro's book Never let me go, because of a movie trailer she's stumbled upon which looked good.  Around the same time the lovely folks promoting the Fox Searchlights movie of the same book contacted me to see if I was interested in hosting a contest for the movie release.  Well, that seemed like pretty spectacularly good timing, so who was I to say no?  Jenna brought the book over and I dug right in, reading while canning the past few days.


Kazuo Ishiguro, the Booker Prize- winning author of The Remains of the Day (Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson were in the movie, it was one of my Oma and Opas all time favorites), wrote Never let me Go in 2005.  It was also shortlisted for the Booker, as well as the Arthur C. Clarke award and the Book Critics Circle Award.  I thought it was funny I hadn't heard of it, but outside of University, adult lit has not been my forte as far a book genres are concerned.

A moody story, told from one girls first person recollections of her childhood, Never let me go weaves a story telling narrative that gradually reveals a dystopian version of our world where some people aren't what they think they are, and the future holds more promise for some than others.  Through her rambling tales of her various childhood relationships, escapades, and turmoils, Kathy and thus the reader begin to develop theories about why she and her friends exist and what those around her really think of her role in society.

This seemed like a great rainy day, couch and tea kind of book.  It was meandering and on the surface almost seems simple, until you begin to realize what Kathy and her childhood friends are and what horrors are expected of them at the age most of us would normally be trundling off to university to drink too much and gradually fall into the adults we would spend the rest of our lives being.  Without revealing the smaller twists of the story, I can't say much more about the plot.

I alternated between being slightly transfixed by the twisty tales of her childhood and by being a little bit bored by them.  From the first few sentences of the book, you know Kathy has some big revelations for you:
My name is Kathy H. I'm  thirty-one years old, and have been a carer now for over elven years.
What a carer is exactly, among many other things, are part of the slow reveal of this "other" society which really isn't something so odd I can't picture us going that way.  And I suppose that is the oddly creepy element to this story as it involves the possible actualities of life if our current society were to jump on board with some of our more debatable medical/scientific theories.

I enjoyed this book considerably, although I did find it a bit too meandering at points, the central theme of the story- the relationships and how they were affected by the life dictated to these kids- was immersing enough I plowed through the less interesting childhood stories.  And the main three characters, Kathy, Tommy and Ruth were completely engaging.

The Movie News:

Which brings me to the next part of this post, the Movie.  It premiered at our Toronto Film Festival last week and goes into wide release this weekend. Directed by Mark Romanek (one hour photo, and most every music video I can think has been iconic since the late 80's), and starring Keira Knightley as Ruth, 
Carey Mulligan as Kathy and Andrew Garfield as Tommy, has gotten mixed critical reviews but with a fair number of people commenting in a similar style to how I found the book.  I'm not sure how the first person narration will be converted for the movie, but I can see how the tone of the story is what makes a great movie experience.

And finally! The CONTEST!!:

Three great prizes for three lucky winners.
1st Prize- copy of Never Let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro
2nd Prize- Signed Movie Poster for Never let me go
3rd Prize-  Never let me go T-Shirt

That's right two small steps on my State of the art, webmaster contest form and you could be the proud owner of one of these great prizes.  Open to U.S and Canadian address's, enter by letting me know if you are one of my followers, than leave your email address for me to contact you.  Both will be directed to my fancy little spreadsheet entering you for the draw.  Contest closes Wednesday October 6th at Midnight (Toronto time).


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