Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tonnes and Tonnes of Lesley Livingston News!

Breaking the cone of deadline silence, Lesley Livingston announced two wild and wonderful things today.

Firstly, she's about to hand in, completed, and thus will be napping, her latest new project Once Every Never.  A great sounding new book that she announced the sale of back in January, hopefully (if it follows normal paths of delivery) will land on shelves in the not so distant future that is 2011.
Did everyone just hear the evil sounding duhn, duhn, duhn, sound when I said 2011?  Hard to believe it's a mere 2 and a bit months away.
Anywho, if you're like me and missed that announcement, here's the blurb about it's storyline:
WONDROUS STRANGE author Lesley Livingston's ONCE EVERY NEVER, about a modern teen girl who spirals back in time to Rome's bloody conquest of Britain -- where she befriends the daughter of a fiery queen, falls for a fierce warrior prince, and discovers that she may be the only hope of averting a devastating blood-curse.
But wait! that's not all!!

The second announcement was her new project, just recently sold to Harper Collins!  Another new Trilogy, tentatively called Starling.
Here's the blurb on it's storyline:
supernatural YA trilogy by Lesley Livingston tentatively called STARLING. HarperTeen editor Laura Arnold acquired the books, which Regel said are reminiscent of The Bourne Identity and "blend Norse, Egyptian, and Greek mythologies with paranormal elements." In the series, warring powerful New York City crime families, all with ties to the supernatural, vie for control of the fate of mankind. Book one in the trilogy is scheduled for summer 2012
Which I have to say is another awesome sounding title.  Who knew little old Toronto housed such a superpower of writing hey?

Finally, at long last, the release date for Tempestuous.....January 2011.
Congrats Lesley, and I'm sure I speak for many others when I say I can't wait to get my hands on all of these titles!!

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