Monday, October 18, 2010

City of Fallen Angels Teaser, and Clockwork Angel answers post

Back by insanely popular demand! Cassandra Clare's October teaser for City of Fallen Angels releasing in April of 2011.
Alec/Magnus with a mini-teaser about Clary/Jace.

"I don’t know what I want.” Alec, his head bent, was playing with an abandoned plastic fork. Though his eyes were defiantly cast down, their pale blue color was visible even through his lowered eyelids, which were pale and fine as parchment. Magnus had always found humans more beautiful than any other creatures alive on the earth, and had often wondered why. Only a few years before dissolution, Camille had said. But it was mortality that made them what they were: the flame that blazed brighter for its flickering. He wondered if the Angel had ever considered making his human servants, the Nephilim, immortal. But no, for all their strength, they fell as humans had always fallen in battle through all the ages of the world.

“You’ve got that look again,” Alec said peevishly, glancing up through his lashes. “Like you’re staring at something I can’t see. Are you thinking about Camille?”

“Not really,” Magnus said. “How much of the conversation I had with her did you overhear?”

“Most of it.” Alec prodded the tablecloth with his fork. “I was listening at the door. Enough.”

“Not at all enough, I think.” Magnus glared at the fork and it skidded out of Alec’s grasp and across the table toward him. He slammed his hand down on top of it and said, “Stop fidgeting. What was it I said to Camille that bothered you so much?”

Alec raised his blue eyes. “Who’s Will?”

2)Oh boy! Oh Boy!!
And then because good news can only improve if there's more of it, Cassandra has posted an Answer Post for Clockwork Angel.  It's got oddles of spoilers for those who haven't read the book already, so be aware before you pop over or recommend it to others.
Happy Monday!
Jace caught her hand in his. “Just say it again.”

“I’ll never leave you,” Clary said.

“No matter what happens, what I do?”

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  1. :o "Who's Will?" I wonder what Magnus was talking about with Camille! April cannot get here fast enough.