Friday, October 1, 2010

Feline Fridays, Featuring our own little Thurman Murman getting in on the scary Giving me the Creeps October fun!!

So the official plan for kick off to Giving me the Creeps October was to feature all four of my cats in costume, I have a little pumpkin kitty face mask that has played the cat costume role for easily 16 years of Halloween's and all I had to do was locate it.

Hmm, yah, turns out that a little mask that comes out for maybe 20 seconds a year (no jokes, they're cats and not that participatory, especially if you're laughing at them) can be pretty hard to locate.  I haven't the foggiest where I could have put it last year, and I've spent the whole week trying to figure out where that might be.

So now you know the hold up, but let me tell you, I think you're going to find it worth the wait.

This is our kitten Thurman Murman (yes, like in Bad Santa, though he doesn't fix sandwiches yet), posing in a lovely Halloween sweater.  You may notice it says BOO.  Although easy to get his head into, his legs proved a little more difficult, the tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard probably didn't help. Eventually I got him all in, only to find he refused to stand up in it!  Every-time we sat him up he flopped over on his side again.  This went on for a good half hour as the hubby and I dissolved into absolute hysterics of laughing, and Cheddar thought it provided and excellent opportunity for a bath.

Notice how he hold his arms out? Sort of like a wee little kid stuffed into a Michelin man snow suit?

Anyhow, it was so thoroughly enjoyable I may have to go out and buy a little Christmas sweater now at the she-she dog store up the street!

Happy Feline Friday!  BOO!

Are we done yet??!

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