Friday, October 22, 2010

Hopin' and bopin' and followin' this friday

Book Blogger Hop

I'm Super Duper excited this week to share all my news for all the hoppers and followers this week!  And since I just can't wait I'm going to get to all of it before my weekly answers.

First off the first of two great Giving me the Creeps contests was announced earlier this week.  Open INTERNATIONALLY, stop by my contests link to enter to win either a copy of Vanessa Morgan's creepy novella Drowned Sorrow or a pdf of her Kindle short story, The Strangers Outside (tune in for my review tomorrow).

Second, Monday brings two exciting events.  Join me as I host the second stop on Sasha Soren's blog tour for Random Magic, with my review and an encore of her Crafty Dames: Famous Witches guest post.  Then later that day tune in for my Spooktacular giveaway announcement, part of the large series of giveaways being announced in honor of this spooky time of year, I'm going to be hosting one of my biggest giveaway's yet! (I'm seeing Jeff Lindsay read tonight, and have my fingers crossed I can add something from him to the list of stuff!)

Later today, stop by for my fourth installment of Giving me the Creeps Feline Fridays- ohhh what could they be dressed up as this week???!

And finally, don't forget to get your links up on the Giving me the Creeps October Link page for all your scary contests, reviews, interviews or guest posts.  There's two more weeks to share the scary, so make sure to drop your link and stop by the others to share in the spooktacular fun!

So... without further ado, the answers to this weeks questions!
For the Hop- "Where is your favorite place to read? Curled up on the sofa, in bed, in the garden?"

This one is so is too easy!  My chaise lounge.  I bought it last September as my first serious furniture purchase, it's IKEA but still, it cost more than my couch!  It sits in my sunny front window in my living room and is generally covered in cats whom I have to compete with to get a spot on it.  But it's the lap of luxury (albeit a bit furry usually), warm even on cold days and even has a small table for my tea or coffee and a fuzzy knitted throw for cold days.  It's heaven, and since last September I've spent a lot of time on it. 

For Follow Friday-

What are you currently reading?- from what book is that?-

I have to say, in the past two weeks books have been spilling through the mailbox slot in fantastically exciting droves.  I've received 9 books!  but good lord, I can't keep up!  So I'm currently reading like a mad woman and am finishing up Random Magic, by Sasha Soren (review Monday, but I have to tell you, it is sooo much fun!) and then paging over to The Mourning Emporium, by Michelle Lovric (book two after the Undrowned child which was spectacular, check out my review).  She'll be stopping by to answer some of my burning questions around the start of November in honor the release of The Mourning Emporium.

So there you have it folks!

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  1. I'm hopping back from a few weeks ago (sorry I'm late).
    I love reading all curled up and snug on my bed. It's so comfy! Your chaise sounds pretty nice too though. :)
    I love all of the pictures of your cats! They are beyond cute! I wonder if my dog would let me dress her up...
    Have a great weekend!