Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lure, By Deborah Kerbel- Review

The kind and lovely Marta at Dundurn Press has done it again!  She's introduced me to a fun book with a great Canadian Author, and anyone who's read through my May Canadian Author month reviews knows I'm a lover of the local talent.

Max Green is 16 and suffering the worst possible fate, a move across the country which dumps him into a new High School with no hopes of being noticed anytime soon.  Until he meets the beautiful, older, Caroline- assistant librarian at a tiny little heritage cottage that serves as a local  Library.  But the library isn't what it seems and pretty soon Max is wrapped up in a ghost mystery which is getting progressively creepier. 

Set in an actual library in Thornhill (a suburb of Toronto known as the GTA- greater Toronto area) and based on actual hauntings documented by staff and visitors to the library, this book has the added bonus of being a fictional story with very real stories behind it.  After wrapping it up I couldn't wait to figure out how to get up there and visit it!  Not to mention attend Deborah's signing and reading up there at the end of the month!

And did I mention the story is great too? Well it is.  Max is endearing and rescues a dog right in the beginning so we all know when I was sold.  But the mysteries surrounding basically every character were intriguing as well as fascinating as well.  Best of all? The ending blew me away, though I'm dying for someone to talk to about the end because there was one thing I didn't get! argh!! hahahahah, so read it A.S.A.P and get back to me about the dog!

All in all this was a fun mysterious/creepy read, all the better because it has that creepy cache of being set on documented things (think exorcism of Emily rose people, soooo much scarier because of the real story!!).  I wish there was someone to take with me ghost hunting to 10 Colborne Street in Thornhill, who's in?

Lure, By Deborah Kerbel
Published by Dundurn Press, October 2010

P to the S- If you're really looking to make this more exciting, then go no further than Dundurn Press's website.  They're having a Lure ghost story writting contest:
One winner will receive a story critique from author Deborah Kerbel, a ghostly prize pack of books from Dundurn Press (retail value: $150.00), AND will have their story printed in an upcoming issue of What If? Magazine!

Every entry will be posted on our website. Get your friends and family to read the stories and vote for their favourites here at The stories with the best votes will be considered by our team of professional judges.

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