Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meeting Dexter's creator, Jeff Lindsay!

On Friday night, my good friend in reading Jenna, and I trundled on down to the Harbourfront Center to partake in one of the many events for the International Festival of Authors.  The timing couldn't be better, smack in the middle of my Giving me the Creeps October and what was the focus of this years festival?
IFOA Noir- In Response to the millions of readers who can't get enough crime fiction, thrillers and mystery novels, IFOA higlights these nail-biting genres as part of this years IFOA Noir programming focus.  Join us... more than 20 authors present their latest suspense-inducing works.
One of the two Authors part of Friday nights reading and interview? Jeff Lindsay, the extraordinary creator and writer of the Dexter books!  Now I ask you, how perfect is that??!

Mary Hynes (CBC, Globe and Mail, and TVO personality) was the interviewer and R.J. Ellory was the other featured author.  Although I wasn't familiar with his work (apparently he's huge so aren't I a dummy?) I sure wanted to pick it up by the end of the night.

Jeff had a cold, but it didn't stop him from being the consummate comedian and the banter between him and Roger Ellory was often hysterical (they are long time friends apparently).  Mary Hynes asked some great questions and a lot of what the two of them had to say was fascinating.  Here are some of the highlights:

R.J. Ellroy-

  • Had over 600 rejection letters before being published and had written 22 novels (still unpublished)
  • He writes 2-3 books a year, but his publisher only wants one, meaning he has an additional 1-2 books a year adding to his original 22 unpublished works.  As Jeff pointed out there would be some very lucky folks inheriting his estate.  To which Roger responded that his wife had threatened selling the books on ebay (if they ever ran short on money) so that she could buy more shoes!
  • On Classics and what he considered was a classic.  To Kill a Mockingjay and Rebecca (I loved that book growing up! I have got to re-read it!!).  Both him and Jeff agreed that a classic was a book that you couldn't put down but at the same time you kept wanting to slow down your reading off so it wouldn't end so soon.  Beautifully written but a page turner.
  • Currently reading (and re-reading for the fourth time) Winters Bane
Jeff Lindsay-
  • Deliciously Dexter, Available at fine bookstores everywhere and some crappy ones too.  Make sure you buy a copy!
  • Hillary Hemingway, his wife, is the niece of Ernest Hemingway.  He was referred to as Mr. Hemingway for many years, until the Dexter series launched, at which point his wife and him became Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay.
  • The character of Deborah Morgan is based on a real life Miami Dade Sgt., of course female.
  • He really likes the show, but isn't so sure about this season so far, might be too melodramatic.  But at any rate it is only 2 episodes in and he'll have to see.
  • He loves Michael Hall, but when he was originally told they'd cast him he wasn't impressed.  What? the short, dark haired gay one? (in reference to his character on six feet under).  But the first line out of his mouth as Dexter, on the first day of shooting (Refrigerated Trucks) won Jeff over.  He now things he embodies Dexter perfectly.
  • Jeff does not find it difficult to write the series while the T.V. show is airing and moving in a very different direction.  He says it's liberating.  And even though the story line for the show is different they steal his one liners all the time.  He doesn't remember them, but his wife does!
  • He made a cameo appearance in season 3, and says that he envisions the final scene in the T.V. series as him as a cop, shooing people away from a dead Dexter at his feet saying "move along people, nothing to see here."
  • During Dexter in the Dark he wanted to "Bash Dexter's head in with a brick, throw him into the ocean, and let Cody take over the family business.".  He has since gotten over it, and feels he should continue writing Dexter because people want to read it so much. He laughed and called it a Public Service.  But he would like to write something else and would especially like to write a couple of plays that have been simmering away on the back burner.
  • He is on nephew number two for building a website (a lack of I've bemoaned since I started reading his books)  the name will be Dark, and hopefully once it's up and running you'll be able to buy the apron's Jeff's wife had made up " Dexter is Delicious, Little girls are for eating not hearing".  

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  1. I love the Dexter Books :)
    Im a new follower

  2. What a fertile mind, Jeff Lindsay. Dexter is delicious! The most horrifying thing I've ever read was the story of that psychotic surgeon. Yikes!

  3. I love Jeff Lindsay. I happened have come across Dexter before the show came out, and for some reason I think that makes me special! You mentioned Lindsay and Ellory's definition of a classic...I just finished Stieg Larsson's first two The Girl..series. I can barely start the third because I don't want to finish it! Nice blog!

  4. Yes I'm very enamoured now that I've met him. Brilliant, funny and very personable. I was going to read the girl with the dragon tatoo but was convinced not to over something bad that happens to a cat. Never my fav in books, but I may have to make an attempt at the second one.