Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday updates, contest news, great releases and a guest post!

I'm sitting here, stuffed to the gills with Turkey and trying to psych myself up into going to a REALLY hard REALLY hot yoga class tonight to try and make room for round four of Turkey dinner.  If you're not a Canuck then I suppose an explanation is in order, it's thanksgiving day here today, meaning I've already partook in  two Thanksgiving feasts, some left overs and lots of visiting, with more to come.

But the best part of the day today?  All the great news I have to pass along!

Starting with my Wild Spirits Contest, you now have less than 12 hours to get your entry in for one of three copies of the books! So make sure you enter, it was a great read and well worth the 2 minutes time it'll take you to throw your name in the pool.  Check out my review and interview with author Rosa Jordan.

Which brings me to my next announcement.  The winners for Never Let Me Go contest have been drawn, responded and passed on to the awarding promotional folks so I'm happy to formally announce the winners!
1st place- Julie Balvin

           2nd place- Brittany Lavery

                                        3rd place- Brandi Doctoroff

Congratulations! I hope you all enjoy your prizes and thanks for stopping by to enter!

Next, tomorrow brings a fantastically exciting, highly anticipated release - The Lost Hero!!!! Rick Riordan's first installment in the new Olympians series.  For all the Percy Jackson fans out there this is a big, big day.  I badly want to run out and buy a copy first thing (though I won't be able to read it for a couple more weeks yet.  The monsters are great but it really doesn't qualify as scary), we'll see if the Turkey tryptophan induced coma allows me to get up early enough to get it before work.
Rick is going on another tour, this time without at Canadian stop, but if he's in your area go, he's great fun in person.  Also he's doing a live simulcast tomorrow from Camp Half Blood (YES! some wonderful people made a real camp that real kids can go to! how cool is that??), I'm not sure what it in-tales exactly but you need to register.  So head on over to the Heroes of Olympus website for that as well as half a dozen other fun things.
Finally, join me tomorrow in welcoming Author Sasha Soren (Random Magic) in a great guest post about witches in history.  She also talks a little about her book which is top of my To Be Read list, it sounds so wacky and fun I can't wait to get to it (besides its riddled with vampires, witches and mania so it totally qualifies for my giving me the creeps even though it's not horror).
Happy Thanksgiving.  Even if it's not a holiday where you are just eat yourself to death over the course of the day and it'll be a Happy Thanksgiving all around!

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