Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Strangers Outside,  a short kindle thriller was kindly emailed to me recently by the author Vanessa Morgan.  It starts out with two sisters on vacation during off season, on the border of a small town in a fairly isolated cabin. So already you know these girls are in for it, I mean bad choice for a vacation location when you live in a horror story. 

Anybody leading out a Boy Scouts camping trip soon?  Because this would make for a wicked campfire story. The creepy factor was big and once the action started there weren't any lull's, it just raced to the end.  For such a short story I thought there was nice development between the sisters and a reasonable amount of background given.   My only beef about The Strangers Outside is really about short stories in general, the ending was so open.  Now I'm never going to know the why's of this story!!

Short stories are always a great kind of aperitif between larger stories, I don't read them often, but good ones are always satisfying.  And since this one had me thinking about the ending for a couple of days after, then I think it qualifies.

The Strangers Outside, By Vanessa Morgan
Kindle Short Story, Published 2010


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