Friday, November 26, 2010

Feline Fridays get tech savy

So this week there was some major technology updating in our household.  Most unfortunately all of our Mac's were pre-intel chip, groan, meaning if we wanted anything but the most useless results it was time to invest in some new, pretty toys/computers.  Anywho, while in the Apple Store I got to thinking about this YouTube video I saw in the spring with a cat going bananas for the IPad, and it made me wish we were wealthy enough to grab one for the cats!

So I've looked it up, apparently Iggy has been busy since I last looked:

My first thought originally was, wow, that screen won't last long.  But for my wealthy cat lovers, apparently the IPad has a glass cover to the screen, making it unscratchable!  Mental note to self, buy the cats an IPad when I finally win the lottery.


  1. Lol Iggy is cool! Well I've got both the cat and the iPad but I didn't know it was impossible to scratch. I don't plan on finding out either as that might just be a very exoensive mistake!

  2. Yah it would be highly risky, and yet Iggy doesn't appear to be damaging it at all! and he's definitely using his claws!