Monday, November 29, 2010

Gratitude Giveaway winner!

So I forgot about it all day long! Yesh, what a bad way to thank my followers.  I know, I know!  But I remembered before the day was over, and that must count for something.  Right?

Ok then, I solemnly beg for all of your forgiveness, all 111 people who entered (but not the two people who cheated the one rule and then were honest about cheating it.  Weird, right?).

But the good news is in, and I'll be emailing it to her shortly.....but....The WINNER is......
Michelle Miller of the True Book Addict!!!

Well I'm sorry I couldn't give one to everyone  (but honestly, that would have cost me 4995$ plus shipping), but on the up side I'm very happy I can give it to one of you!

Stay tuned, starting in January I'll have some more awesome giveaways for you all.  That's right, I'll just have to award stuff to you one at a time.  Much more affordable!

So Happy Monday, and thank you again to all my loyal followers, I would really be talking to nobody if it wasn't for you.  As well thank you to Kathy, from I'm a reader not a writer for hosting such fab group events.  I wouldn't be able to offer these fun prizes to half the people I do if it wasn't for her enormous networking in the big group giveaways.  It must take her forever! So a big shout out to her for all her hard work.

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