Friday, November 5, 2010

A Great Authors even Greater Cat on Feline Fridays

Behind every great author, I suspect, there's a great pet.  One who lays across from them as they write, frolics across the keyboard and even causes some inspiration (or at least a de-stressing point) from time to time.

Tamora Pierce often talks about her cats and other rescues clambering around her office and both Adrienne Kress and Cassandra Clare have talked about their cats on their blogs at some point.  Rick Riordan did an entire blog dedicated to a cat he rescued off the road who later went to live with his parents, and Lauren Oliver blogged about what a dedicated writer her dad was and mentioned how even the new dog was good at sitting down to write with him (including a most adorable picture).   

My cats make the most unusual edits to my blogs every now and again, and Cheddar is down right determined to have his say in all the emails I write.  So it just stands to reason that pets make excellent writing partners, which is why today I'm featuring the fantastic Kitty behind charming author Michelle Lovric.  Rose la Touche of Harristown Morrison Lovric is a beautiful tabby rescue, she holds down the fort in Michelle's London home and is even said to be Michelle's muse.

1. She stops me from leaving the house on distracting, non-writing errands, by following me to the door with a reproachful look. There have been times when I have put down the shopping bag and sloped back to my desk.
2. As long as I keep working, she sits on the back of my chair purring, nuzzling and generally reinforcing the work ethic. Illustrated is the gaze she gives anyone coming to distract me with a cup of tea or a bit of gossip. The look and the accompanying silent miaow eloquently suggest that the visitor takes himself and his business to another rift in the space-time continuum, preferably a deep one. Few pass.
3. She always answers enthusiastically when I consult her on a plot or character question. (It goes like this:
WRITER: ‘Do you think the mermaids should fancy Signor Alicamoussa?’
CAT: ‘Yes! I fancy a cuddle.’
WRITER: ‘How shall Teo help Renzo when he’s imprisoned in Newgate?’
CAT: ‘Food would certainly help. Chicken breast? Now?’)
4. She hates me chatting on the telephone, and squalls until I put the receiver down and get back to work. (excerpt- My Costly Muse- ABBA blog post) 
Although Michelle Lovric has an impressive list of published works, The Undrowned Child and The Mourning Emporium included, I think it's safe to say that at least some of her success must be attributed to the enchanting Rose.  A fact I'm sure Rose La Touche would be happy to have acknowledged, after all, it's hard work being a Muse and a task driver.  Thankless work really!

To see more about Rose and Michelle, check out Michelle's website.  Make sure to check out my reviews of The Undrowned Child and The Mourning Emporium as well, they're wonderful books you don't want to miss out on!