Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to some, happy Thursday to others!

I had planned, this Thursday morning, to sit down and write a nice little review about Persepolis.  A great graphic novel delving into a little of the Iranian revolution of the 80's but more importantly a snapshot of what it is to grow up in that environment.  Then I scrolled through the 580 thanksgiving blog posts in my feed today and decided this was maybe a bit of a heavy topic for a day filled with even heavier food.

So Instead I thought I'd post about meeting Suzanne Collins.

On this past Saturday the hubby and I made the long trek up to Yorkdale mall so we could be one in 250 people to meet Suzanne Collins and subject our Hunger Games books to her Mockingjay tour stamp.  At 1pm, Suzanne promptly appeared, dressed all in black, her signature strawberry blond hair loose and her hand wrapped in one of those shaped tensor support gloves.  After receiving her Indigo Teen choice award, she did an extended reading for us from both book 2 (Catching Fire) and book 3 (Mockingjay).  Her choice reading was really interesting as the two parts are very spread in the actual story but mesh together as meant to do so when she's reading them.  She read from Katniss's wedding dress fire ending with the dress in ashes and her as a Mockingjay then seamlessly moved on to the first chapter of Mockingjay with Katniss walking through the ashes of District 12.

Now I have to say, Suzanne's vision about District 12's "futuristic Appalachian accent doesn't agree with me.  I suppose partly because she didn't write their voices in dialect, but also because it is wildly divergent from my imaginings of their voices.   But aside from that blip the reading was great.  Once done the line made it's slow crawl towards her as she took the time to both carefully stamp each book (the stamp was enormous!) and then to pose with the person and book for each person who'd brought their camera!

By the time I made it too her I have to say I was feeling a little star struck.  I managed to babble that it was really exciting she made it to Canada,  before we were asked to pose for the picture (notice I look slightly stunned) and that was the end.
Hahahahahah, and I'm usually so good about asking at least one question! Oh well!

Sadly the paper the books were printed on were too porous so you can see the stamp kind of blurred out.  Too bad, it was super cool.

All in all another fun meeting with another seemingly charming author.  I have to say we then went on to buy new computers, and then go to the new Harry Potter movie, so by the end of that day I was done in on excitement.  Seriously, what a jam packed week of excitement!

But because it wouldn't be the same if I didn't share it, I have to remind you all, don't forget to enter for your chance to win the SIGNED copy of Jamie Olivers- Jamie's America!  He signed it love Jamie, you know you want it!

Happy Reading!

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