Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meeting Jamie Oliver!

So Meeting Jamie Oliver was so fantastically fun that I ended up high as a kite on adrenaline (OK and caffeine too) for the rest of the day.  I mean I even had joy de vivre in my late night staff meeting, which is saying something because they're usually the most insane kind of torture.  It sets me up for some high expectations for Suzanne Collins today, poor Suzanne! She wrote one wonderful series, but can she out Charm Jamie??

So we lined up around 11am, on Thursday, me and my good friend in reading Jenna.  The store had a distinct feeling of excitement but not too many people lined up yet which was hardly surprising.  It was early on a work day after-all.  As we were chit chatting and waiting some cops went by, which was surprising, but not as surprising as when, 20 minutes later Jamie Oliver came strolling by!  Somehow nobody expected him from the back of the store so as he walked along the now very long line he had to start saying hi to get everyones attention.  Even flanked by police officers he was charming and he had everyone (lots of guys included) sighing over him immediately.

He took his time with each person, no hurry at all, and chatted and signed with lots of one on one.  The first thing he said to me as he turned to me? I love your hair, very punk rock!  Since I only changed my hair two weeks ago this was super exciting (I made a drastic change going from platinum to dark brown with a red streak).  We talked about my hair for a couple of minutes (he asked if this was a Canadian trend to go dark) and once I was fully flustered from his attention he reached across the table, put his hand on my hand and said "Sweetie, since my psychic abilities aren't what they used to be, who would you like these books made out too?".   It's a sad thing that hands need to be washed regularly. Sigh.

I asked which was his favorite recipe or experience from the America cook book and he answered that a chef never reveals a favorite recipe, but that he loved the Mexican experiences, the immigrant New York folks (especially the Chinese) and of course the Navajo.

He signed the books Love Jamie, in a nice big flourish across the front pages, and I moved on so that Jenna could have her turn.

Let me just say, there is nothing as satisfying as meeting someone you admire and discovering they are 100% worth your admiration, and that really, in person they are even better.


  1. You are so lucky. I really like him, it would be so nice to meet him.

  2. Really, really like this guy and I'm so glad he lived up to your expectations! I'm a big fan of his.

  3. well he's worthy of your fandom folks, a perfectly charming and down to earth dude. I hope you've all entered! He signed the cookbook Love JAMIE!!!