Monday, November 29, 2010

No Hope for Gomez super B-day Bash

So the author of No Hope for Gomez, Graham Parke, has kindly asked me to let you know about this super celebration for his award nominated book. I haven't had the chance to read it yet but I've seen great things said about it across the blogosphere. But even better yet, there are great prizes to be won! So check it out:

“It's the age-old tale:
     Boy meets girl.
     Boy stalks girl.
     Girl already has a stalker.
     Boy becomes her stalker-stalker.”

It's hard to believe, but it's been a year since I handed in the final proofs for my weird little book ‘No Hope for Gomez!’ To celebrate this, and the fact that it just became a finalist in 2010's Best Book Awards, I decided to throw an international party. As I’ve had a debilitating fear of throwing parties and no-one showing up since early childhood, I’d be more than delighted if you’d come!

Of course, with every cool, international party comes a gift bag. Here's just some of the stuff attendants will get:

  • Exclusive short story collection
  • No Hope for Gomez: The Lost Chapters
  • Making of Gomez: behind the scenes eBook
  • Signed hi-res poster + bookplate

(These are all exclusive items and will not be available again)

Additionally, several lucky attendants will win a Kindle or an iPod!

Oh yeah, you can bring as many friends as you like, just don't bring your crazy uncle who drinks too much and then tries to get me to go to the attic with him to see something wonderful. I've fallen for that before and I don't mind telling you, I came away very disappointed!

Find out how to attend HERE


  1. I am absolutely loving your blog... I used to read incesently when I was younger... now I'm starting to get back into it. Your bleg helps me choose which book to read next!! :)

  2. *blush*- well. You made my day. It's official.
    Thanks Blossom!