Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pre-christmas Feline Friday (oops!)- All things Christmas (that's right, that's what I said... the dreaded "C" word)

So the Christmas season is officially upon us.  My neighbors have lit up their christmas lights (you can see them a block away, no jokes), the stores and fliers are full of christmas decor and helpful hints for presents; but most tellingly... I  have a desperate feeling I'm already wayyyy behind on all the things I have to do before December 25th!
Point in fact, this post.

The baking, prepping, shopping and organizing travel and plans has begun full scale, and I figure I can't be the only one being sucked into the holiday season vortex.  So in honor of the Season I've decided to do a series of gift suggestion posts, because lord knows we all have someone we get completely stumped by every year.

Since this is a Feline Friday post I thought I would start with your most impossible person to buy for, the person who has everything.  We all have one of these.  Either they don't like "stuff" or they fulfill all their own needs in advance of christmas leaving nothing for the rest of us to buy them.  Let me suggest that these types of gift-receivers are possibly the easiest ones to buy for.
Shocking! I know!
Recently I've started donating money to charities for these people on my list.

Now I know, it can seem like a cop-out to hand someone a card with a letter in it saying "we bought a family in Africa a goat on your behalf this year", but honestly, there are some very cool donations you can do around the holidays, as each charitable foundation gears up for the big fundraising drive.  UNICEF is one of the Big biggies, and generally the first to pop into anyones mind, but have you considered your local animal shelter or rescue group, or even World Wildlife Fund?

Obviously if your difficult gift recipient isn't an animal lover then this wouldn't be the first choice (i.e.: go with something that means something to them, if they're readers do a reading foundation, into clothes then do a dress for success type charity) but if they're inclined towards the furry/feathery/scaly creatures than I highly recommend the animal support.  The best part is there are often options outside of just the straight financial donations, this time of year shelters and rescue groups often have donated goods you can buy where all or most of the funds go directly to the charity but you still come away with something to give.

This year the charity I volunteer with, Annex Cat Rescue, will be doing six weeks of Saturday events.  Today until 4:30 we are down at Pawsway selling Cat nip purr pads, Catnip mice and sausages, grooming tools, treats, and toys all for the benefit of the Kitties in our care.  And for the following four saturdays you can find us at the Tranzac Club on Brunswick Ave (toronto) at the Artisans Gift Fair selling not only the fun stuff mentioned above for the fuzzy kids but also earrings, necklaces, and bath bombs for their owners (slaves) own pleasure.  So if you're in the area, consider stopping in and picking something up for Christmas that goes to a good cause.

So for your tough to buy for on your christmas list, consider the donation option!
Here are some great Ontario Charities to consider (if you're from around here, if not you can certainly help them too, or search some local ones!):

Toronto Cat Rescue
Toronto Humane Society
Annex Cat Rescue
Abbey Cats
Toronto Animal Services
4 Legged Love
Ugly Mutts
Caring Canine

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