Sunday, November 14, 2010

Suzanne Collins signing and Jamie Oliver all in one week!

So I'm still out of breath from racing out to get my wristband for the Suzanne Collins signing!!
You heard me right, next Saturday, the 20th of November Suzanne Collins is doing a limited signing at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto at 1pm.  Wristbands are available at Yorkdale Mall, though the number could be anything as they're being very mysterious as to how many are left.  I've been told by the manager that she's not a fan of big crowds so if you don't have a wristband then you won't even catch a glimpse of her.
She's still injured so she'll be stamping books, and staff will take your picture as she "signs".

Also for the past week they've been hosting various cooking guru's, Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsey were yesterday and tonight, but on Thursday afternoon I'll be heading out to meet the super charming Jamie Oliver!  I won't give away all the details but suffice it to say this has something to do with my Gratitude Giveaway announcement on Wednesday.  Exciting, right?!

It's starting to rank as astounding how many authors have trundled through the city this year, I've met Rick Riordan, Jeff Lindsay, Lesley Livingston, Adrienne Kress, Kelley Armstrong, Aprillynn Pike and a couple of others.  It makes me wonder who many authors I've missed on years when I wasn't paying super close attention!


  1. Wow! What a great combo. I love Jamie Oliver and Suzanne Collins both.

  2. I wish Suzanne Collins would come to me in the UK, would be amazing!

  3. I know, super duper exciting week! And of course the Harry Potter Opening night!!

  4. Hey how great! Have a fantastic time!