Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ahhh, the holidays. Horrendous harbinger of hell.

Yup, that's right.  That's what I said, no need to re-read the title. 
BIG Sigh.
So it's two weeks yesterday, until Christmas day.  In my future are three parties, one bake-a-thon, one book to finish that has taken me a stupendous amount of time due to busyness, one flight to book (except they are all booked unless I want to pay a fortune), so now one vacation to try and re-negotiate dates for, one un-happy mom due to screwed up flight plans, dozens of gifts to pack and ship (ugh!), one craft show to do, laundry and housecleaning (how this is still something I have to do when it's this busy astounds me, can't it clean itself for once?!), one interview to ace, one interview to buy clothes for (um, when did I pudge up too much to wear my interview outfits??!!, I haven't even really started the Christmas food fest!), one blog to continue writing, and 500 emails to catch up on!
There's probably more, but I can't stand thinking about it all.  And I thought I was being so organised this year, ha, ha, ha.

Of course on the upside I have a lovely cosy home, with a Christmas tree our newbie baby has not knocked over yet (yay Thurman!), a tea advent calendar promising me a perfect hour or so every evening, no travel over Christmas holidays for the first time in 12 years (yay no freakin' holiday crowds and yearly weather delay nightmares!), and the promise of a fairly relaxing January (of course overlooking the belated Christmas travel to Saskatchewan in January).  So it's not all bad.
And of course there is all that delightful food to look forward too as well.

The point of all this?  Yes poor reader, I had a point other than to stress you out about your own mountain of to-do lists: My apologies in advance for a shortage of reviews in the next two weeks or so.  They'll be ongoing but at a much slower rate (as I'm sure you've already noticed) than normal.  Of course on December 23rd I'll be taking a moment to chat about my fav by the fire reads for Winterlong, and  Feline Fridays continues it's European flavour with an awesome post by Michelle Lovric next Friday, not to mention repeating the fab tidbits I run across when I still have enough time to peruse the World Wide Web. But reviews will be thin on the ground folks, almost as thin as the pitiful snow in Toronto this Holiday season.

So alas, I hope not to disappoint those of you looking for yuletide escape, but my advance apologies if this blog seems to get a bit quiet in the next two weeks or so.


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