Sunday, December 19, 2010

The ins and outs, ups and downs of the BEA 2011

Last year I had a burning desire to attend my first BEA, but I knew very little about how it worked and had already booked a trip to New York for the month before the expo.  Although I might seem glamorous and fanciful, sadly I'm not so rich as to head on down there twice in the span of two months.  Even though it's so close! 
Which is a shame, because I would love to be jet setter rich.

Anywho, I had serious designs on heading out this year, and although the hubby wanted to head somewhere other than NYC for this years vacation, I was bound and determined I was going to make it to the BEA one way or another.  And with that in mind I started doing my research, because the one thing I had figured out last year was that the BEA is huge, full of goodness but a little a bit hard to suss out from it's website.

Thank goodness there have been some awesome blogger posts on the subject.  My fav for the ins and outs for first timers is the Story Siren's recent Q & A, and also her BEA sign up info post.  She's then linked to further info, both her five posts last spring about her 2010 visit to the BEA (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5) giving you a sense of what an exhausting adventure it will be, her own list of blogs with fab tips for getting the most out of your visit, as well as a post over at Chicks love Lit.  Between them and the BEA's official website and, of course, the BBC's website (Book Bloggers Conference!, Which, by the way, Lenore of Presenting Lenore will be one of the panelists this year), your sure to have hours of planning ahead of you.

Also, great news is that this year if you register on the BEA website for the BBC, then the BEA's pass is free!  Excellent combo coming in at a cool 120$ before May 5th and 135$ after May 5th.

For last minute shoppers everywhere, a BEA pass makes for an excellent last minute Christmas gifts for the book blogger in your life.  Follow The Story Siren's instructions as to how to register them (must be correctly identified as industry related to gain entrance) and since it's just a website sign up it could literally be left till Christmas morning if you're that behind on your shopping!


  1. Yes - I am very excited to be a panelist this year! Looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. I'm super excited you're going to be a presenter too! It's a shame Emmy can't participate, you'll have to bring lots of pictures for her adoring fans!

  3. Oops, guess I should have read this sooner. Haha.