Sunday, December 5, 2010

What to get the Fashionista on your list- All Things Christmas!

So we all have that one person who qualifies in the jewellery/scarf/ other accessory gift category.  And finding something new and different every occasion can get to be a trying exercise to get through.
Been there, done that.
So this year I'm suggesting Etsy for all your one of a kind gift giving needs.  I myself have some simple jewellery up there this year, you may have noticed it went up in my side bar the other day.  But they have a whole wealth of things posted, with every conceivable price range, colour and customizable option you can think of.

So from the comfort of your own home, you can now get the equivalent of the worlds biggest craft show, all at your fingertips.  What an easy carefree way to shop!

Of course, if your fashionista is at all inclined to reading I would really recommend The Devil Wears Prada as both a funny and a make-you-feel-good-about-your-own-job kinda book.  Check out my review.

Now all you need to do is avoid picking up something for yourself while you shop!

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