Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winterlong Tour- Reading Circle

I'm currently sitting in my cosy living room with a cup of tea, the Christmas lights all aglow, and trying to pick my next read out of my wealth of great books, and its gotten me to thinking about my favourite winter reads (you guessed it, topic of choice for the Winterlong reading circle! convenient hey?).  You know, those books that for whatever reason just suit a cosy night in from the cold.  And after the crazy busy 6 weeks I've had leading up to today, I have to say I'm looking forward to nothing about christmas more than a lazy day on my chaise lounge with a book, a blanket and a kitty to wheedle away the day.  A few yummy christmas treats wouldn't hurt either.

For whatever reason, epic adventures are my all time fav winter reads.  Nothing screams cold winter night to me the way Lord of the Rings does.  Honestly, does that make me seem lazy?  There's something very satisfying about having a blanky and tea while Frodo is killing himself trying to get the ring to Mordor.

My other favourite epic winter read became The Hunger Games, after getting it and Catching Fire last christmas and ploughing through them while at home with a bugger of a holiday cold.   The starving, fight to the death of the games seemed to suit Turkey, cookies and other christmas delicacies perfectly.  Not to mention it's engrossing enough to get you through long flights, and family visiting monotony.

But if an epic series seem like too much of a commitment this winter, then I highly recommend The Gun Seller.  Written by the outrageously talented and funny Hugh Laurie (you may know him better as Dr. House), you'll be sad to note it's his only published book.  Especially after you work your way through this funny James Bond-esque story, at which point you can join me and many others in bemoaning the fact his second book, Paper Soldiers was supposed to be published in 2009, but still isn't out yet!  Filled with intrigue and crime, and with a hero not unlike House himself, this story kept me on my toes as well as had me wishing for more of his main character, retired army officer Thomas Lang.

Of course no cosy christmas is complete without a little Calvin and Hobbes, my favourite cartoon ever.  Either sitting by the fire reading about their horror snowmen or wishing for the lazy days of summer while reading the summer vacation strips, nothing can make me laugh out loud as consistently as Calvin and Hobbes.

While suffering through a family visit at the worst time of year weather-wise (seriously, who started this holiday in the middle of snow storm season?? certainly nobody who had to fly places to see family.  Stupid Mary and Joseph anyhow) everybody needs a little bit of humorous escapism.  For which I propose the very funny Bridget Jones Diary.
I know.
You saw the movie.
But seriously, the book is even funnier, and hey, it came first so give it a chance.  Not to mention it is one of those books that are so funny it'll have you guffawing out loud in the middle of the crowded airport filled with grumpy delayed passengers.  Anything capable of that feat is worth reading.

My final suggestion, and of course the inspiration of this post is: Random Magic.  Still epic, but in a single book so easier to drag around with you, this snowy season.  Sasha Soren's lovely tale is both whimsical and adventurous, with just the right amount of the sarcastically funny.  And besides, it suits a pot of tea too well not to be included in your winter read list.

Check out stop four on the circle A Readers Adventure, for more great suggestions.  And don't forget to chime in and let me know what some of your favourite snowy tales are.  After all I have some christmas money simply calling out to me to be spent on books!

To check out the full list of bloggers on the reading circle or to see some of the earlier entries on the Random Magic winter Tour, head on over to the Winterlong website.


  1. I love your picks! I am planning to re-read LOTR during the holidays. I can never be bored of it!
    The book version of Bridget Jones' Diary is so much better than the movie - I completely agree!
    I read Random Magic recently.It's a perfect book for the winter season :)

  2. I love the Hunger Games, such an awesome series :D

  3. woot for Calvin and Hobbes! they are a riot!

  4. I remember It being a really good winter read.