Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A 1st year of Blogging and Reviewing (and dressing cats up from time to time)

A year ago today, the old ball and chain finally convinced me to make my New Years resolution a book review blog.  He'd read so many in his quest for new and exciting books to give me (that I didn't already know about), and his logic was sound. I.E.- you read so much why not do something with it.  So I sat down in the evening with my good friend Mel, a long time blogger, and got a quick lesson in blogging platforms, networking, facebook fan pages and posting blogs 101.
Needless to say it was a lot to take in.

I spent the next couple of months figuring out all the ways to make my blog appear if you were looking for reviews, how to post with extras like links and linky lists and forms, how to get word out about giveaways etc. I spent so much time researching a million different things to do with blogging successfully that I was endlessly complaining about when would I get to focus on reviews!  But with wonderful posts from bloggers like Lenore of Presenting Lenore and Jo of Ink and Paper, I quickly navigated the do's and don'ts of the book blogger world and got a wealth of info on setting up a sound blog.

My first blog was nothing special, my first review took me AGES to write, and as the hubby pointed out  I really talked about the book way more than my thoughts on it.  Yes, I kinda missed the point as it were.
I like to think this little blog has come a long way in the past year! 
Since then, I've reviewed 101 books, interviewed two authors, did a Canadian Authors theme in May and a scary reads month for October, hosted several giveaways, and come into contact with some absolutely charming publishers.  But the best part?  Well really there are two best parts and both were a total surprise.  The first was the contact with authors, either via email or at signings I was suddenly hearing about on a regular basis.  They've all been nothing short of fabulous, and my contact with them was an unexpected perk of the blog.  The second was the blogger community.  Chatting about books or cats through peoples comments on their posts or mine is certainly one of the big highlights of my day, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't dying to meet many of you at the BEA/BBC this year (p.s.- bring photos of your furry kids)!

Every day I do this it only gets better!  A couple of days ago I registered for my first ever attendance at the BEA (Book Expo of America) and BBC (Book Bloggers Convention) which I couldn't be more excited about.  And the longer I do this the more time I get to focus on book reviews, and the less time I have to spend on all the nit picky admin stuff (to a certain extent), which is the fun part after all.  But the ultimate satisfaction is when someone lets me know they checked out a book because of one of my reviews.  I love nothing more than sharing a great read.

So lets get on with it already, bring on the next year and 100 reviews!


  1. Congratulations on a wonderful year and milestone!! Mine is coming next month. --Thanks for the heads up on BEA & BBC ... didn't know about those ...I'll have to google them.

  2. Happy one year to you! So happy to have you among us dedicated bibliophile bloggers! I'm hoping I'll get to go to BEA and BBC, but it's going to depend a lot on finances. *fingers crossed*

  3. Thank you ladies!
    Jinky, check out my post here: http://www.thediaryofabookworm.com/2010/12/ins-and-outs-ups-and-downs-of-bea-2011.html
    It leads to oodles of BBC and BEA info.
    Michelle- the hotel room is really the most insane part of visiting NYC i find, I'm thinking of starting a comment board for those looking to share for the BEA (though my husband is worried about insane, serial killer book bloggers! hahahahahah!)

  4. Congrats on a successful first year! How awesome to reflect on your growth and accomplishments!

  5. Congrats! That is so exciting. Have fun at BBC and BEA.