Monday, January 17, 2011

Boneshaker, By Cherie Priest- Review

Ever since Mrs De Raps Reads pointed me in the direction of The Forest of Hands and Teeth I’ve been a little bit zombie crazed.  And by a little bit, I should specify,  I’ve picked up three new zombie books this Christmas and it’s all I want to read.  Which is likely one of the reasons the hubby picked up Cherie Priests Boneshaker for me this yuletide season.

The world is a dangerous place when your dad or husband is the one responsible for it’s destruction, which is why Briar and Ezekiel can’t be said to live a particularly stellar life in the Outskirts.  Unfortunately it’s also why Ezekiel feels compelled to cross the wall into the city proper to find proof of his father’s innocence once and for all.  To bad for him the Zombies aren’t even close to the most dangerous things on the other side.

Although it’s not a guarantee, generally when a number of authors you like give glowing reviews for a book you can assume it’s a winner.  And this one had a stellar list of appreciators both down the back jacket and inside the first couple of pages.  Warren Ellis, Mike Magnolia, Scott Westerfeld, and Cassandra Clare, among others, all had great quotes across the back, raving about how this is Cherie’s best book yet, how they wanted more and what a rollicking steampunk adventure Boneshaker was. 
What can I say, she had me at Zombies!

I couldn’t agree more fully with all of the wonderful things said about Boneshaker to date.  It was fast paced, filled to the brim with outstanding characters and awesome dialogue, and completely fresh with the pairings of Steampunk, Zombies and hi-tech wild west- meets American history reworked. My absolute only complaint would have to be the fact there isn't ten times more of it.  Within a few hours of completing it I was on her site fishing down all her short stories and novels in the The Clockwork Century world.

The good news is there is more currently out (Dreadnought- novel, Tanglefoot-online novelette, Reluctance-short story in The Living Dead II anthology) and more on the way (Ganymede-Winter 2011, Tor, Inexplicable- Winter 2012, Tor) the bad news is that some of it is exceedingly hard to find at the moment with a new printing on the way but at an unspecified time (Clementine, Subterranean Press 2010-original printing limited).

The most glowing thing I can say about Boneshaker is it has something for everyone.  It’s a little bit Mystery, a little bit Wild West, a little bit Steampunk, a little bit Zombie Horror, a little bit YA and a little bit hard boiled Adult.  All those little bits add up to one great mix and in the end you’re left with a seriously enjoyable read.  So if you’re not sure you’re a Zombie/Steampunk girl or boy Boneshaker is an excellent intro into the genres.

A great read you’re likely to lend out to all and sundry, make sure to add Boneshaker to your collection next time you’re acquiring.

Boneshaker, By Cherie Priest
Published by Tor Books, September 2009

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