Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clockwork Prince Teasers!

Because as always, Mundie Mom's has THE best news (second only to Cassie herself of course) on all things Clockwork or City related, I present to you- the latest teasers!
From Cassies Saturday night Tweet (I really must board the twitter bus), Cassie's words are in purple:

Jem from earlier today: "But you are much prettier," Jem said.

Will: "Tess,” he said, and she thought, once again, how no one but him ever called her that. “That is all I think about."

Tessa: “Jem!” she cried again, and when he did not look up, she strode across the room, and wrenched the bow out of his hand. “Jem, stop!"

And lastly: "I would die for you, you know that." - unattributed. Clockwork Prince. There, distracted I hope!

the background shows Temple Bar, on Fleet Street, near the Institute

"What desperation drove you to me, in the middle of the night, in a rainstorm? What has changed at the Institute? I can only think of one thing..."

And from earlier this week, Cassie revealed the Clockwork Prince Placeholder cover and one quote:


  1. I am so excited for this book to come out; I have already pre-ordered it from Borders
    ~a loyal fan

  2. omggg i hope the "I would die for you, you know that." quote is to tessa from will. Id die if it wasnt.. they're so too perfect together!! love will sosososo much!! cant wait till the book!! <3

  3. will= hot sexy badass with an undiscovered soft and serious side

  4. can not WAIT till this book comes out!!!
    can not WAIT till we get more TessaWill scenes!!!

  5. "I would die for you, you know that." I'm willing to bet that isn't between Tessa and Will but instead it is Jem speaking to Will.

  6. I hope the i'd die for you is from will to tessa but the way he hides feelings from her I'm not so sure.... it better be though otherwise i'll be upset. Can't wait for the next book!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s luv will and jem!!!! so much!!!!!

  7. I think It might be from will to jem or vice versa they r so cute!!!

  8. I wish the "I would die for you, you know that" is from Jem. I'm sooo TEAM JEM!

  9. Team Jem and Will! I'm stuck - like Tessa ;]

  10. oh my................. god! if i were tessa, i wld be going NUTS! who could i choose? hot, badass
    will? or sweet and handsome jem???