Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Midnight Charter, By David Whitley

Apparently the Midnight Charter has been sitting on my shelf since last Christmas when the hubby gifted it to me.  That may be open to argument as I thought I'd read all the books he gave me for Christmas 2009 and was pretty sure this was part of my B-day book haul from him.  One way or another it was a greatly indignant hubby who suggested I really aught to read it next when I was trying to pick the other night. 
So I heaved a big sigh, and put down my two new zombie books I was super stoked about and wandered to bed with the Midnight Charter in hand.

Now I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm a sucker for a good cover.  If my copy had this cover, I think it would have moved to the top of my list long ago, but alas, my copy had this cover.  Much less enticing.
The upside was I was immediately sucked in and completely immersed in the story, so I wasn't disappointed by Zombies for long.

Mark and Lily, both children sold by parents or orphanage into servants positions for the famed Count Stelli, now have to wait for their title day (12th birthday's) to take control of their futures.  But in Agora, where everything in life is a transaction, it remains to be seen if they can improve on their circumstances.  Little do they know that their futures have been foretold in the Midnight Charter, and in fact they may have even less control over them than they thought.

The start of this book is a tad confusing as it delves right into this very different life with very few explanations.  But it was intriguing and had just enough mystery to keep me wanting more.  I liked the characters, though I was periodically put off by Lily's zealotry, and found her increasingly hard to sympathise with.  However, the questionable deeds of many of the sub-characters was particularly fun, keeping you guessing and giving you a bad vibe you just can't place.  I love me some smarmy sub-characters!

To be perfectly honest the ending completely threw me, but to be fair I was under the impression this was a one off book and not part one to a trilogy.  So I thought the end, was THE END and was totally mystified by it.  Because I was so confused by the end, I trailed on over to David Whitley's site a few day later where I learned the story was ongoing.  Now the only frustration I have is the fact part two The Children of the Lost, came out in the UK in October, and is coming out in the US in less than two weeks...but absolutely no sign of when it arrives on bookshelves in Canada.  Sort of like the final part of Fablehaven, which came out almost a year ago in the states but is still missing from Canadian bookstores.
Grrr.  Thank the Gods for The Book Depository!

The Midnight Charter, By David Whitley
Published by Doubleday Canada, September 2009

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