Monday, January 31, 2011

Tempestuous, By Lesley Livingston- Review

The third and final part to Lesley Livingston's Wondrous Strange trilogy, Tempestuous released into stores on Jan1st in the States and a few days later (the 8th) in Canada.  I was one of many rushing out to grab my copy, but was waylaid reading it due to some competition from my mom.  See she'd dug right into the first three when she came to visit this past summer, so I knew she'd be eager for the third and last book when I headed home the next day, and took it with me with the full realization I'd have to wait until she was finished.

It had been some time since I'd read the first two books, so I found this last book to be a little confusing at times, it cleared up as I neared the end but its made me wonder if I shouldn't have back tracked a bit first. It's annoying really, I normally loath the obligatory "previously in this story" pages in books where you skim along thinking, I know! I know! Get on with it already!  But there you go, just when I figure I don't need it, is of course when I do!

So, close to the end I did some spot reading of both Wondrous Strange and Darklight, just to remind myself about some key points.  That was when I realized the other thing that didn't seem to jive with what I remembered.  Somewhere along the way Lesley's main character, Kelly, lost some of her zest, and feistiness.  It was subtle, subtle enough I couldn't even peg what was bothering me to begin with, but when I doubled back it was suddenly noticeable to me.

The star-crossed lover story line between Kelly and her dashing Irish changeling Sonny was possibly where Kelley's Je Ne Sais Quo evaporated too, as more of this story seemed dedicated to the, loves me/loves me not line of enquiry.  As ever they were a magnetic pair, but further to Darklight Lesley threw a third party into the picture to complicate an already tenuous relationship.  It was in the resolution of that third party where I felt the most satisfied with the ending.  Aunt Em and her past beau also got a nice segment of Tempestuous which I really appreciated.

Although the story wasn't my favourite of the three, it held its own and my interest with the same intensity the previous two stories did.  The swashbuckling fight scenes were extremely enjoyable, and I was happy with how she tied up to the story.  Originally bought as a two parter, Lesley extended it seamlessly and has earned her place among the ranks of my favourite authors.  The Wondrous Strange series is a must have for all YA fantasy lovers, a good love story, a fresh approach to Faerie and some great characters all make it well worth the investment.

Tempestuous, By Lesley Livingston
Published by Harper Collins Teen, January 2011


  1. I hate it when details get fuzzy in books! I haven't read this series, but I've had my eye on it.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog