Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Behemoth, by Scott WesterFeld- Review

Last year I fell in love with Leviathan based on the art.  Sure it sounded somewhat interesting in the blurb on the back but I was sold on the spectacular cover and end pages art.  It was so fantastic looking, it had to be a good read.
And boy was it ever!

Fast paced, intricate, full of great characters, lingo, and a world that despite being at war, was one I wanted to live in.  I was on the edge of my seat waiting for book 2 Behemoth, and I was not the only one. 

But when I raced to the book store on October 5th I was crushed to see they'd change the look of the books!  Leviathan had a new cover for the softcover edition and it was set to match the new cover for Behemoth.  It seems stupid to say that was one of the reasons I didn't buy the book that day, and of course it also had to do with how many other great books came out at the same time (seriously, I'm not made of money after all!) so I had to be choosy for a little bit.  But however you look at it, I actually didn't pick it up until just after Christmas during a sale, so obviously it really did bug me that the new cover wasn't as pretty.

To my great, and unending relief, both Scott Westerfelds fantastic saga as well as Keith Thompson's arresting interior art (including end pages) were completely untouched by whoever it was at Simon Pulse who thought the cover just had to change. 

Picking up directly where Leviathan left off, Behemoth follows Alek and Deryn as they delve deeper into the growing war as the Leviathan flies them into the Ottoman Empire.  I refuse to go into plot points, really if you've read book one you know the direction this book is heading and anything else just ends up being a spoiler.  For those of you who haven't picked up book one yet, then check out my review of Leviathan first then make sure you purchase a copy as soon as possible.  Trust me on this one, you want to read this series.

I know I was gushing about Rot and Ruin yesterday and it's going to look suspicious that I"m now gushing about Behemoth but I'm telling you, a really good book is a really good book, and they both honestly qualify.  Seriously, I'm not one of those reviewers who loves everything, I mean, did you read my Beautiful Malice review?
So on to the gushing.
Scott has created such a breath taking world here, and even at war it's spectacular.  Better yet he's populated it with enchanting characters you can't help but love.  I would like a Bovril, I would really really like a Bovril.  And as per Leviathan, Deryn's slang is not only unique but so much fun I'd be a complete dullard not to want to shout Barking Spiders every time I'm annoyed about something.   This series feels like the makings of a masterpiece.  Obviously I'll reserve the honour until I've read the final part, Goliath, in October, but so far it's looking like Scott has hit gold.

Behemoth, By Scott Westerfeld
Published by Simon Pulse, October 2010.
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  1. I love this series too! And like you, it's the artwork which originally sold me and the books wouldn't be the same without them.