Friday, February 18, 2011

Feline Friday's great Sweet Valley High Caper

Yes.  I was of the Sweet Valley High fandom.  I suppose this dates me, especially in the realm of today's teens, but hey, we all have our embarrassing tween crazes.  You see, I was quite convinced that they were going to end at 100 issues, so I obsessively collected SVH through my local used bookstore at the Lake my grandparents lived at, through collecting my allowance and making weekly treks to the Coles in my local mall and through birthday gifts.  I couldn't get enough of those perfect blond California twins.

So when my mom moved a couple of years ago, greatly downsizing where her and my grandmother lived, I had to make a tough decision.  What did I want her to do with all those damn Sweet Valley Highs.  To the hubby's everlasting chagrin, I decided I couldn't get rid of them yet.  Recently my mom has started shipping me all the things I said I couldn't give up (gack! what was I thinking I would do with all this stuff??) and so my Sweet Valley High collection landed on my doorstep in a huge Tupperware.

Cheddar tries out being a book
Last week I made the trek out to IKEA to invest in a new book shelf to put all these books mom keeps sending me.  And can I just say, as I neurotically re-arranged my precious 103 SVH's back into their correct numerical order, I was endlessly amused by the titles, covers and was just a little bit tempted to re-read some of them for a laugh.

Obviously the boys were endlessly amused by them, Cheddar more so by the book case, and we were pretty sure we were going to come home to Baxter sitting up on the couch, feet sticking out, deeply into the Sweet Valley Saga (one of my faves).  Dilly, in her big sister way, disdained to involve herself. Pff! girly reads.  She's definitely a Stephen King Fan.

The funniest discovery of this whole enterprise?  Sweet Valley High is still going strong! That's right, not only are they in reprints with much less dated covers but low and behold there's a new release due out March 29th!! Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later!!  Apparently it's an Adult novel for all of us who are looking to reminisce about an old favorite read.

Man, I think I need to buy that book.

Thurman tosses Brokenhearted aside and heads straight for Hostage.
Check out the awesome site, and read the first chapter!


  1. +JMJ+

    This is so cool! I inherited an aunt's entire (but incomplete) SVH collection when I was younger, and then ended up giving the books away to a rural library that was struggling to fill its shelves. I don't regret having helped the library, but I do kind of wish I still had all the books I grew up with. Your collection will make a cute, retro reading corner in your home. =)

  2. I'm just to young to remember them, have seen some old copies about though.
    YOur cats look so sweet there, really loving those books :D

  3. Sweet Valley High! I remember them, but I was never obsessed... my sister has the entire collection of Choose Your Own Adventure though. I wish I could steal them right off her shelf, I loved those books.