Monday, February 14, 2011

More lovey dovey goodies in the form of City of Fallen Angels teasers and Delirium tidbits!

Love is well and truly in the air. My copy of Delirium landed on the doorstep courtesy of Amazon and my credit card this morning and my lovely hubby biked it to me at work so I wouldn't have to wait to start reading it!  Now that's my kind of man.  Not to mention he's setting up a new cupboard in the kitchen for me while I type.  It's positively swoon worthy!

Better yet, I'm sharing the love by giving out a few copies of Delirium.  It's open Internationally until March 4th so make sure you enter!  I'm also giving out a bound, signed sampler of another new love story- Lesley Livingston's Once Every Never. Also open Internationally until the 20th, so if you haven't heard me mention it before, then now's your big chance.  You can enter here!

As if that's not enough good news today, then part one of the chapter shadowhunt for City of Fallen Angels launched on Mundie Moms today!  It's a vicious teaser, and I'm on the edge of my seat for the release of a little more tomorrow via Wondrous Reads.  Make sure to check it out yourself at Simon and Schuster or via Mundie Mom's (who are also having a giveaway for US residents.  I'm making a little sad face right now).

Finally, a link to a link, yesterday SFF Chat had me rolling on the ground by introducing me to this hilarious blog post on How to Lie about Books.  It's all about trying to sound like you know something about Sci-Fi or Fantasy when you're in a crowd of die hards.  My absolute fave was rule 4#
Rule #4: Carry a Picture of a Kitten in Your Wallet

You’re at a room party at a convention and find yourself in a totally indefensible position, surrounded by unyielding fantasy experts perseverating on Anne McCaffrey. They all want to know what you think of Rengades of Pern. You begin to sweat. Should you jump off the hotel balcony or punch one in the face and jet down the hall? Then you remember the picture of the kitten in your wallet. It’s a tabby covered in spaghetti. You whip it out and they all go “aww.” Every one of them has at least four cats at home. It’s going to be OK.
Seeing as I do have four cats, and I tend to bring them up in conversation with alarming regularity, then it seemed unbelievably apropos. 

Hope all these tidbits find you in a rosy glow of chocolate and good day happiness.  Happy Valentines my lovelies!

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