Friday, February 4, 2011

The Oldest Cat in the World- Feline Fridays

I often used to have pep talks with my eldest cat Topaz about going for the gold in longevity.  I used to coach her that it was pretty common to make it into the twenties for well cared for, indoor cats.  And since we were both pretty damn fond of each other it seemed like an agreeable compromise.  Sadly she only made it to with a few days of her 17th birthday, but she gave it a good try.

None of my other cats are old enough to have the pep talk yet, I save that for the senior years starting around 11 or so.  But in the meantime I thought I would do my research and see how old is the oldest cat in the world? 
First up was Neno in Venice, he turned 22 on Sunday, April 25, 1999.  No word on what his final age was, though there was a great interview with his owner.  Neno was always cooked a fresh fish diet and roamed Venice developing lasting relationships with neighbors and local businesses.  I'm guessing the secret to his longevity was both the spectacular diet (I don't eat that well!) and his lovely lifestyle.  Needless to say I'm jealous.

Next up was Lucy in South Wales, she's claiming the astounding age of 39!  She's a mouser, prowling the neighborhood, she has folks that talk about seeing her in the Fish and Chip shop in the seventies, and like Neno is a bit of social babe.  So far it looks like Social Tabbies have it made in the long life records department.

In 2009 a  British man came forward claiming his cat Tizzie, inherited from his mom, was 36 years old.  Her vet records were lost at one point, which he needed to make the Guiness Book of World Records, so he was asking that the two girls who had rescued her off the train tracks come forward to prove his story.  Can you imagine?

Mischief, of Cornwall, is a whopping 27 years old.  Apparently he's an energetic elder and a forerunner for the oldest cat title in the UK edition of the Guiness Book.

Granpa, a Texan Sphinx born in Paris of all things, had the Guinness record within his grasp when he passed at age 33.  Cats and Kittens Magazine published an awesome article about him in 1999.  He had quite the extraordinary life with his owner Jake Perry, who amusingly enough, raised Guinness Record holding Creme Puff as well.  Obviously he's done a lot of somethings right!
Creme Puff looks a lot like Mischief!

Creme Puff was the official Guinness Book World Record holder at 38 years and 3 days!

So what have I gleaned from these articles?  Tender loving care (done), a fulfilling life (done) and some odd diets (hmmm) seems to all be common traits in these spectacularly long lived felines.  Though Black and white cats and Brown Tabbies seems to be odds on favorites in the breed category. 

I guess I'm buying some shrimp, some mayo and some asparagus on my way home tonight!


  1. Aww bless, shame that guy couldn't prove his cat's age. I hope mine make it that long. My eldest is 12 at the moment. :D

  2. yah my fuzzy kids are all under 10 right now, but I'm getting ready for the coaching. Dream big, aim for 30!

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