Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Personal Demons, By Lisa Desrochers- Review

As I've not been to shy to admit previously, I'm a very vain girl when it comes to covers.  I like them pretty.  And if I don't think they're pretty, well, I don't pick them up.  Personal Demons fell into that category for me, every time I saw a picture of the cover I thought, uck, not for me. 

One of my main complaints was how Harlequin the cover looked, but I also always take issue with a cover that tries to portray the main characters for me.  I'd rather imagine them thanks. I don't mind the cover suggesting them, but full on frontals bug me.

Suffice it to say, this book turned out to have enough going on in the inside to make it worth being embarrassed when people eyed up the cover on the subway. 

Frannie is your average teenage girl, until suddenly two super hot guys start fawning all over and fighting for her.  Little does she know they're fighting over her soul and not who gets into her pants... or are they?  Apparently both Demons and Angels can be swayed by a good looking teenage girl.

If you think of Twilight as a guilty pleasure, then you're going to consider Personal Demons the guiltier pleasure.  But that doesn't make it less of a pleasure, it just makes it one you won't consider lending your boyfriend.  Equal part action and mystery with a fair amount of "I just want to rip your clothes off already", Personal Demons falls squarely in the girly girl YA category.  It's not going to win any literary awards, but it's good clean fun with lots of steamy sequences and two hotties vying for the same girl.  I'm looking forward to guilty pleasure number two, otherwise known as the sequel, Original Sin.

Personal Demons, By Lisa Desrochers
Published by TOR Teen, September 2010
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  1. So glad you decided to pick Personal Demons up despite your reservations. Thanks for the great review =)