Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bloodshot, by Cherie Priest

Jumping from one genre to another and not missing a beat, Cherie Priest has developed a reputation I'm now always going to officially equate her with... Rockin' great books.

Meet Raylene, vampire, thief and a character who's so much all around fun I want her to subsist in a huge series of books.  Something like Miss Marple and Poirot.  I won't lie, I want you to read this book so Cherie can sell more of them, so I can read more of them, because she's left me wanting so much more.

In this rollicking mystery/hardboiled detective novel, Cherie mixes the paranormal with military conspiracy theories, drag queens, and Parcour enthusiasts.  Sounds weird right?  Without a doubt, but it all goes together so seamlessly when you read it that I defy you not to love it.  Couple it with such a great overlying mystery that I sense the next crime/thriller sensation has just taken off.  After all you thought the concept behind Dexter was weird when you first heard about it right?

Ok, so the short blurb is Raylene, professional thief and vampire, is hired by Ian, fellow vampire, to recover paperwork from a military experiment he was kidnapped and subjected to.  It seems straight forward enough, until she's suddenly being subjected to parcour snoops, a plethora of FBI type men in black and on the run herself.  What has she gotten herself into? Obviously not a straight forward case, but what would the fun in that be?  Also, how would you ever fit a Drag Queen into a run of the mill theft? Nowhere, that's where, and that would be our loss for sure.
He lowered himself through the hole, hanging by his hands, and allowed me to support his feet and knees, then his thighs and his midsection, as he slipped down onto the landing between the sixth floor and the fifth.
I'm not saying I didn't cop a feel, but I will cry plausible deniability.
And furthermore, I will add that he was a goddamn magician to get that whole package tucked.  I suspect a space-time portal.  Or a least I would suspect it, if i weren't denying everything.  Which I am.
He flashed me a look that said at the same time, Hey, I felt that... and I choose to believe it was accidental.  For now.
See  I told you it was fun.

Bloodshot, By Cherie Priest
Published by Spectra, January 2011
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