Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Delirium, By Lauren Oliver- Review

Bright and early Valentines day my lovely copy of Delirium landed on the doorstep; and because he's a peach, the hubby biked it to the museum so I could get right down to reading it on my way home from work that night.  I had only waited 13 days to buy it in the first place, so I could deal with some ARC's I'd promised to read, knowing perfectly well I couldn't read anything else once I got Delirium in my hot little hands.

Lena lives in a world where love and acts of emotion are considered dangerous, a disease worth a risky brain procedure to "cure" people of.  Haunted by her mothers suicide because of deliria nervosa, she has counted the days to her cure for a long time, and is finally feeling the relief of having it less than a year away.  But what if the cure isn't as wonderful as she's always thought?  What if it means changes to her life and the way she sees the world that aren't for the better?  What if it means a grey future of not caring?  Between her best friend and a mysterious new boy Lena is forced to question what she's always known was true as her "cure" rushes up to meet her.

Lauren's debut novel, before i fall, was one of those unexpected books that took my breath away and left me thinking why hadn't I read anything from her before? Why oh why was this all I could get my hands on?! So I was anticipating Delirium pretty much from the moment I put before i fall down.  And although it's not unusual for me to anticipate a book with that type of fervour it is unusual in a book which isn't a sequel.

Besides writing  page turning, intriguing stories Lauren has a way of highlighting all those little things we take for granted every day and pointing out how magical they are.  Something about that thirst for life coupled with her characters emotions seems to capture the passion of being a teenager so perfectly, at least as far as I remember it anyhow.  She has a way of breathing fresh air into my jaded adult view of the world. Granted only for the time during and directly after reading, I'm only human and I work with public wayyy to much not be jaded and cynical.  (Seriously, when you're standing looking at a flight of stairs that only go up, do you really need to ask me if they go up?)

I think one of her greatest talents has to be her character development.  Her characters start off stereotyped and simple, the mean girl, the good girl, and then build in layers of complexity giving you such rich persona's  they make so many others in YA pale in comparison.  If I had to describe  Sam and Lena I would say they're the type of characters actress's yearn for and from which Oscar caliber performances stem from. They're certainly the stuff great stories are made from anyhow.

Lauren has confirmed to me what I already felt last year when I sobbingly put down before i fall, this is an author to be reckoned with.  She's going places, and as a reader you should want to go with her, I'm telling you it's worth the trip to the library, or the mula for the book and it's certainly not going to be a task you'll have to force yourself to complete once you've read the first few pages.

Delirium, by Lauren Oliver
Published by Harpercollins Teen, February 2011
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  1. Reading this one now and I love it. Her voice is so unique.