Friday, March 4, 2011

Feline Fridays- the silly things cats will do when you're not looking

So yesterday I answered a call of "oh my god Rhiannon, you have to come see this" to find this

Yes, Thurman was sitting up in the corner of the kitchen, behind a chair, just hanging out.  I'm not sure what brought on this particularly odd position, if he was trying to be people or if he just got hung up while trying to clean his bum, but whatever it was it caused a good 5-10 minutes of entertainment for me and the hubby while Thurman looked at us as if to say "what?!".  He even waited while I went and got the camera and took several pictures.

Happy Friday!


  1. haaaaa... he looks a little drunk. did he get into the tequila? if so he's going to have a wicked hangover today.

  2. hahahah, no hangover so maybe he just got into the beer? He does look drunk doesn't he? The only thing he's been indulging in against our wishes is flour. He opened a bag in the pantry closet and helped himself.

  3. LMAO! That is the greatest thing ever.

  4. I LOVE this photo - infact your blog is great! You know about my love for kitties but you didn't know I'm a huge reader as well so I'm looking forward to having a peek at some of your recommends!
    Feel free to drop by my fostering blog - you'll get to meet Farley, our current houseguest.

  5. HA! your cat is huge!! =] so cute