Sunday, March 20, 2011

In My Mailbox

In the past two weeks I've acquired, through purchases and generosity, an embarrassing wealth of riches in books.  Therman was quite tickled.
 He thought he might like one of the special giveaway copies of the Once Every Never Samplers, but I told him they were spoken for, so pick something else.
 He went for Blood and Flowers and Twice a Spy.  I suggested he read Once a Spy first but he has a fondness for being a bit eccentric, and opted to do book two before book one. (I like how he does the ten year old human version of claiming things, sit on it and it's yours.  He also does the other ten year old claiming method- I licked it so it's mine.)

Of course I have many people to thank (including myself, thanks self!).

Received from Publishers:
Many thanks to-
 Houghton Mifflin
Those That Wake, by Jesse Karp

Harper Collins Teen
Bad Apple,by Laura Ruby
Blood and Flowers, by Penny Blubaugh

Once a Spy, by Keith Thomson
Twice a Spy, by Keith Thomson

Dundurn Press
Cresent Star, by Nicholas Maes
Accomplice, by Valerie Sherrard

And of course author Lesley Livingston!
The Once Every Never chapter samplers! Signed!  Yay!
Leaving my house in the mail tomorrow so if you're one of the lucky winners, they're on their way!

Of course then there's the books I had to pick up since Chapters/Indigo was having a sale this past week:
Boy Toy, by Barry Lyga
Incarceron, by Catherine Fisher
The Thief, by Megan Whalen Turner
Lamplighter, by D.M. Cornish
The Foundling's Tale, by D.M. Cornish
The Beyonders, Brandon Mull (which was on my list to buy sale or no sale!)

In the books but not books category, I got off my duff and booked a hotel and flight for the the BEA yesterday and am super duper excited!  The hubby has changed his mind at the last possible second and decided to come down to New York with me, so we booked a swanky boutique hotel by the convention hall and are staying an extra day.  This has officially gone from exciting to super duper exciting!  So if you're planning on going to the BEA, drop me a line.  I'm hoping to meet and greet, lunch, coffee and dinner with Bloggers while there, and can't wait to meet some of you in person!


  1. I still need to read Incarceron! xD
    Very jealous, you're books are awesome. =D

  2. Such a cute kitty! Great books too. I've bee wanting to read Boy Toy.

  3. Great books! I am so jealous of your BEA trip - it is something I really want to do! I cant wait to see what you have to say when you get back!
    You can check out my mailbox here

  4. Incarceron was so good I had to pick up Sapphique this week. Once Every Never is on my TBR list. BEA...I'm so jealous. Maybe next year.:( Hope you enjoy all of those gorgeous reads.

  5. Therman is such a ham lol - too cute! And what an awesome pile of books - enjoy!

  6. You got a TON of great books! Hope you enjoy all the great reads! :)

  7. StepTheBookworm- do, it's soo good. You should check out my Interview last week with the author Barry Lyga. He's very interesting!
    Jennifer and Lisa- Wish you were coming to the BEA! Maybe next year? I can't wait to meet everyone in person at long last.
    Jennifer- you're worrying me! I only bought book 1 will! hahahah, guess I should have bought them both while they were on sale!
    Tara- thank you! I love kitty compliments, he's a pretty funny little dude. He turns one a week from today!
    Jessica- Oh I will!!

  8. Tell Therman thanks for picking Blood and Flowers!

  9. Penny- I will! He's a bit of a slow reader so he just handed it off to me the other day. I'm loving it so far!