Monday, March 7, 2011

Mind Gap, by Marina Cohen- Review

I've been on a bit of a thriller/mystery kick of late.  First Bloodshot, then Mind Gap and finally Savage Season, not to mention two exciting new books that tumbled through the mail slot this past friday from Doubleday.  To be fair I've always loved the genre, right from when I got my first Agatha Christie at age 10, but I forget about it from time to time, so it's nice when some great books come along to remind me what it is I love about the genre.

Jake is a confused 14 year old kid.  Gambling, starting to get caught up with gang members, drinking, all the signs of a teen gone wrong.  And then he gets a text for a party on a subway.  But when a 1950's subway car pull into the station that appears to have his party on it, Jake couldn't possibly guess where this "party" is headed.

A fast paced mystery, Marina Cohen's tale jumps back and forth between the past and the future in a way not unlike scrooges adventures, except modernized. I liked the way her story rotated around a very small number of characters and shows how even seemingly small choices effect all of them in, sometimes, significant ways. 

The one thing I would have liked more of though, was the explanation about Jake's father.  I either missed something or it wasn't fully explained, because I didn't understand what had supposedly happened to him after he disappeared, and why.  Other than that it was a well thought out book and an excellent example of a thriller for Middle school readers.

Mind Gap, By Marina Cohen
Published by Keystone (Dundurn Press), February 2011
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  1. Good review, Rhiannon. I really liked the fact that Marina Cohen employs references to A Christmas Carol and that even Jake's small decisions effect everyone.

    I reviewed Mind Gap here in case you want to check it out.