Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mixed treat bag, Holly Black, Carrie Ryan, Laini Taylor, Ally Condie and Cassandra Clare goodies included!

I've run into so many exciting things in the past couple of days I can't help but share!  So start your Saturday on the right foot with these goodies.

-Carrie Ryan's final book in her zombies series comes out in just a few more days, 10 days for those of you who are counting them down (like me!), and Random House has released the first two chapters.  Thank god, I'm not sure I could make it without them.  Yes. I am serious!
Carrie also talks about what it's like to wrap out a series in her latest blog post, as well as gives the goodreads link to win a copy of The Dark and Hollow places (US residents only though folks, boo!).

-Holly Black is having a Red Glove contest to win a copy of her exciting sequel to the stellar White Cat (check out my review).  By posting a photo of Red Glove in various places on facebook, twitter or your blog you get chances to win a copy.  Simple no?  She's going old school with some dungeon and dragons looking dice to get the random number winner.

-Laini Taylor has revealed her newest books cover and what it's about!  The tag line is: Once upon a time an Angel and a Devil fell in love.  It did not end well.  The book is called Daughter of Smoke and Bone and it sounds like what I'm starting to think must be classic Laini fantasy.  I can hardly wait for the October 3 release date.

-Cassandra Clare is celebrating 5000 members of her google group by posting a deleted scene from Clockwork Prince and a line from City of lost Souls.

-Ally Condie has revealed the cover to her next book in the Matched series.  Crossed looks fantastic and I love that the publishers stuck with the theme.  She notes on her blog that indeed the green and the blue do refer to the pills but also to some other "stuff". ohhhhh.

Now get reading!

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