Thursday, March 31, 2011

Once Every Never Chapter Sampler/Teaser, by Lesley Livingston

Awhile back now I had the awesome chance to pass on signed chapter samplers to five very lucky readers of Lesley Livingston's forthcoming book Once Every Never.  Currently set for a July 1st, Canadian only release by Penguin Canada, this was a great chance for folks to get a look at Lesley's follow up to her very popular Wondrous Strange trilogy.

To my great surprise and joy there was an extra in my package when it arrived, signed to me (no fibs I was going to have to read one of the others before I sent it out otherwise.  There was no way I was going to be able to hold out with them sitting in my house!).  
Signed: For Rhiannon! Tempus Fugit! xo L.  I was a bit mystified, what was Tempus Fugit?  Turns out it means Time Flies in Latin, which looks like it'll be wildly appropriate to Once Every Never, both because of the story line and also because if the rest is anything like the first two chapters time is going to whip by in a blur as I'm lost in another lovely Livingston story.

The story starts in London's Heathrow airport with Clare Reid and Allie McAllister who are about to embark on a summer in London, Allie with her cousin and Clare with her Aunt.  Due to a party that got a bit out of control via Facebook, Clare is going to be under a tight lock and key with her Aunt, and Allie has arranged her visit to take some of the edge off.  In 16 pages there's already a great plot setup, a gorgeous and brilliant boy, a fun best friend and a big cliff hanger.

My favourite aspect of Lesley's writing has always been her characters and sense of humor.  Any lady who can write a story line with a Faerie horse ending up in a New York City apartment bathtub eating a picky roommates expensive soap is a lady who's writing I want to read.  And I now officially can't wait until Once Every Never's release!

Once Every Never (chapter sampler), By Lesley Livingston
Published by Penguin Canada,  July 1st 2011
Kindly sent to me by the author.

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