Thursday, March 17, 2011

The only thing better than Green Beer is Free BOOKS! Lucky Leprechaun Hop Giveaway!!

Because there's no better way to celebrate a holiday then new books, I'm happy to team up with wonderful folks over at Dundurn Press to give you one of two great new releases from them.
How far would you go to protect someone you (used to) love?Accomplice by award-winning author Valerie Sherrard takes us into the life of Lexie Malton. From the outside, Lexie is your average teen – popular, a good student, and often butting heads with her stepmother. But Lexie is keeping another part of her life very secret: her ex-boyfriend Devlin is a heroin addict living on the streets – and Lexie is the one that put him there. When Devlin’s situation takes a dangerous turn, Lexie finds herself involved in a harrowing incident she could have never imagined.

Can two teens change the future?
Nicholas Maes has just released Crescent Star, a poignant look at the Arab-Palestinian conflict as experienced by two teenage boys on opposite sides of the battle. Avi Greenbaum is Jewish, living in West Jerusalem. Moussa Shakir is Palestinian, living in East Jerusalem. They have everything in common and yet, nothing at all. In the spring of 2006, Avi and Moussa face reminders of the conflict that has dogged the region for three generations. When an opportunity to move towards peace is presented to the boys, they must decide what their role in the stalemate will be.

Open to US and Canadian shipping addresses, two winners to be drawn, one for each book- using  Blog, tweet or otherwise pass on the word for a second entry, because I like nothing more than touting home-grown talent.

And Make sure to tour the full Hop! Hundreds of chances to win great stuff!