Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Saturday Line up of links and interesting Tidbits and another swell Giveaway!

I present to you, for your lazy Saturday Internet perusal, various links and Tidbits for your amusement.

-As a continuation of the Dark Days of Supernatural promo from HarperTeen, Inkpop is now featuring Claudia Gray's Afterlife for their next weekly writing challenge. Great prizes ensue as per usual, here's the criteria:

All relationships have barriers and Bianca and Lucas in Afterlife, the third book in Claudia Gray's successful Evernight series, are no different. He's a vampire and she as a wraith. The two have had to overcome a lot to finally be together. 

AfterlifeNow it's your turn. Write a story, poem or essay that pits two characters who must overcome a great challenge to be together. Whether its two friends searching deep in their soul to find forgiveness in one another or a couple from opposite worlds that just want to be together. 
-Thanks to Inkpop and HarperTeen I have one copy of Afterlife to pass on to you, my readers!  Stop on by the contests link and throw in you name for an entry!

-Also over at Inkpop, Lauren Oliver will be stopping in tomorrow for a live chat about Delirium!  2pm Est,
at this thread.  Sadly I'll be working, but you definitely don't want to miss it! 

-Holly Black has released an online short story in 13 pieces to gear up for Red Glove's release in two and a half weeks.  Lila Zacharov in 13 pieces is from Lila's POV and the really cool part is it's in a random part generator.  Meaning everyone will get the story pieced together in a different way and so get slightly different nuances.  Apparently there are well over 6 million different ways it can come together!  That is going to involve a lot of reading for us diehards!

- In more fun news about that auspicious release date, April 5th, Amazon blog Omnivoracious is conducting a video chat with both Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.  You have until April 6th to email her your questions "email with the subject line "Cassandra Clare and Holly Black" with the question(s) you want Cassandra and/or Holly to answer."

- As if that's not enough Cassie Clare and Holly Black news, apparently they interviewed each other while on a writing retreat in Mexico recently Hollywood crush will be rolling out the interview in the week prior to their joint release day.

- Kersten Hamilton has released the cover art for her second Goblin Wars book- In the Forests of the Night.  Tentatively set to release November 19th, I can hardly wait to reunite with her creepy and enchanting story.  Tyger Tyger was one of the best surprise books of 2010 for me, if you didn't buy it on release make sure to get out and correct the problem.  Check out my review if you need further swaying.

-Of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention the much publicized  casting of Jennifer Lawrence for the role of Katniss.  It's of course not what I pictured, if for no other reason then she's a pale skinned blond and I always pictured an olive skinned, black haired girl.  My main issue, as with most of these YA books turned movies, is age.  At 20 she's already significantly older than Katniss, what happens by the third movie when she's wayyy older than Katniss?
Alas, as with Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire (remember that fuss?  Anne Rice was livid!), you never know what they'll do in the wonderful world of makeup and costume.  I used to work in that world, trust me, they can do amazing things. Most amazing of all they turn everyday joes into movie stars every day!  But I try not to read the news and follow speculation too much, it is most cringe worthy to listen to stars being bandied about to play characters you fell in love with and thus feel an ownership of.  

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