Monday, April 11, 2011

Accomplice by Valerie Sherrard-Review

Lexie is too young to have a boyfriend who's a heroin addict.  But she does, and it's tearing her life apart.  The question is, will he take her down with him,as he ruins his life?

This was a dark and page turning tale about drug addiction and teenagers.  Granted at any age drug addiction can be baffling, but as Valerie Sherrard so well illustrates, it's a deadly labyrinth for the naive.  Lexie's struggle with her fault in the whole mess, the back story on how Devlin falls into severe heroin addiction and the struggles they both make as he tries to come clean in rehab were enlightening and engrossing.

I would be lying if I claimed I hadn't heard of teens using much harder drugs then ever seemed to surface when I was the same age.  Stories of casual cocaine usage at 15 or 16 makes my blood run cold when I think of the vodka or pot being passed around at the high school parties I attended.  So it wasn't difficult for me to imagine a scenario where an ignorant young 15 year old is offered heroin, and imbibes for the coolness factor, without understanding it's highly addictive nature.

This was not only a well told story, interesting and dark, but obviously a great reminder that not everything handed out by "friends" are harmless.  It's nice to see knowledge bundled up in such an appealing story.

Kindly sent to me by the folks at Dundurn Press, as part of they're Keystone off shoot, meant as high interest stories for reluctant readers.  A highly reccomended read, and Canadian to boot!

Accomplice, by Valerie Sherrard
Published by Dundurn, February 2011
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