Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Big Release Day, and the latest INKPOP writting challenge!

Today is a HUGE publishing day in YA, and not just because the latest Mortal Instruments book came out.  I know, I know, you have blinders on to any other book.  I hear you.  But while you're ransacking your local book shop, Amazon or The Book Depository, consider adding one of these other books as well.

The obvious release today, and the only one every YA reader on earth likely knows about (unless you've been living Internet-less for the past year)-  City of Fallen Angels, by Cassandra Clare.  Book 4 in the Mortal Instruments series and the first part to the second trilogy, jumps back into Jace, Isabelle, Clary, Simon and Alec Shadowhunting lives.
Highly anticipated, this it the book most of us will be losing sleep over tonight.

Next obvious and, to me at least, equally exciting, Red Glove, by Holly Black.  Part two in her Curse Workers series we get to catch up to Cassel and find out how life is going now that he knows his darkest secret.  Needless to say I'm dying to dig into it as well.

Rotters, by Daniel Kraus, has accolades by some of the coolest folks in writing and sounds like it's going to be amazing. Rick Yancy, Chuck Hogan, Guillermo Del Toro, R.L. Stein and Scott Westerfeld, have all applauded this story.  The best part of the blurb? Outside of the Grave robbing part?
Daniel Kraus's masterful plotting and unforgettable characters make Rotters a moving, terrifying, and unconventional epic about fathers and sons, complex family ties, taboos, and the ever-present specter of mortality
See? you want to read it right?

The Gathering, by Kelley Armstrong, is another big big release for today.  The Gathering is part one of a new trilogy that ties into her previous one The Darkest Powers.  So if you need to know more about those creepily gifted kids make sure to pick it up!

The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group, by Catherine Jinks came out yesterday.  It's a fun new look at Vampires and Werewolves and is the follow up to The Reformed Vampire Support Group.  Check out my review of The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group, I loved it so much I had to go out and grab her Genius series too.
Finally the latest Inkpop writing challenge is super fun! It's based on another highly anticipated book, Aprilynne Pike's third book, Illusions coming out in May. 
Now it's your turn, write a poem, short story or personal essay about helping someone figure out the truth about who they are. What do you have to say to persuade this character? What threat does knowing the truth pose to their lives? And what is the motivation to tell them?
Deadline is the 7th, and you can check it out on Inkpop's forum.

Now go read already!!

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