Sunday, April 10, 2011

City of Fallen Angels, by Cassandra Clare- Review

So I don't believe there is a single word outside of it's good, it's bad or I've read it that won't cause spoilerage for those of you who haven't read City of Fallen Angels yet.  So if that's you, I suggest reading no further.

After savouring it for four whole days (honestly I don't remember the last time I took that long with a book I loved), I finally finished City of Fallen Angels today.  It was, and wasn't, what I was expecting, but it was a great Cassandra Clare/Shadowhunter story, so despite some of the things I wasn't totally crazy about, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I won't bother with the blurb.  We all know what happens now. (except for any of you silly enough to keep reading this post before reading the book.  Last chance before I blow some of the surprise. Get out while you can!).  I have to say, the biggest surprise to me was what a mixed bag of character perspectives, the story was .  Since it was originally a Simon-centric story I thought it would follow him more heavily then it actually did.  Although he has a very big part of the story line, I almost wish you didn't get Clary's perspective in this book, if for no other reason then to mix it up a bit.

That being said I really enjoyed how she delved right into his complicated existence as a Daylighter, not to mention the carrier of the Mark of Cain.  And of course his girlfriend issues are pretty amusing too.  Simon is one of those slightly overlooked characters from the first three books, so I'm glad we finally get to see a bit more of him.

At the risk of encuring the wrath of the Jace/Clary die hards (come on, you know who you are..dirty sexy alley scene. That's all I'm saying), I was a bit disappointed  to see Clary and Jace continue their star crossed lovers story.  Which is not to say I thought they would live happily ever after, just that I thought the drama might not be centred around them and their relationship.  Their back and forth- we love each other endlessly but are constantly being held apart by circumstance in a Romeo and Juliet way, is just the ittiest, bittiest tired.  I mean it did go on for three previous books. And tortured Jace is straight out of City of Ashes and City of Glass,  why don't we torture someone else? 

Of course I did love the symmetry of the whole life for a life story, so I'm not sure she could really do it differently and keep that, but it might have been nice if it came out more from left field, instead of the tortured build up.  I shouldn't even have to tell you how much I love Sebastian coming back, or the deadly awesome cliff hanger ending. 

I was relieved to see Cassandra kept her quippy dialogue, and style, I fell in love with to begin with.  I repeatedly laughed out loud, even late at night while in bed reading.
"You and your name-dropping," he said "'I knew Michael.' 'I knew Sammael.' 'The Angel Gabriel did my hair.' It's like I'm with the Band with biblical figures."
"No?" She looked at him incredulously. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't chop him into worthless-bastard-themed confetti."
And the best Acknowledgement I've read to date- And lastly, my thanks to Linus and Lucy, my cats, who only threw up on my manuscript once.  Oh Cassie, you made me laugh right up until the very last  sentence! (seriously though, cats throw up on everything!  Especially if it's important)

City of Fallen Angels, by Cassandra Clare
Published by Margaret K. McElderry, April 2011
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  1. I agree with the Jace and Clary love story, I kinda want them to be left alone so they can just be given a chance to be with each other. I loved all the Simon stuff!

  2. The book is so silly I am returning it to the store. i don't think i have ever done that. the "quippy" dialogue is extremely immature. i know that this is intended for young readers, and i am one, but still. its a bit too stupid. But the worst thing is it makes absolutely NO SENSE!! The mark of Cain is supposed to give vengeance sevenfold. Not PREVENTION!!! NOT 7000 hundred times. So why would it kill someone that never touched Simon? What is seven times nothing? Nothing. The Lord DID NOT SAY "I will keep anyone from touching you and turn them into salt for trying.". So when Lillith,( who by the way i think gets a bum rap, she didn't want to obey Adam and insisted on equal rights, so I am not too angry with her) whips Simon with a whip, the natural seven times would be to be wiped seven times. Not dissolved. Also, i am so tired of Jace telling Clary how he will die wihout her. Its annoying. I thought Simon was a bit better then the rest, but he is really just a smart mouthed little jerk.

  3. Your thoughts of the book are almost exactly like my thoughts! I waited eagerly for this book since it's announcement and I hadn't been more excited about a book release since Harry Potter 7 - but funnily enough it wasn't like the other books where I zoomed through the whole series in under a week. It took me almost a week to finish CoFA! It wasn't what I was expecting and the amount of different perspectives bugged me a bit. Anyway, just discovered your blog and am now following because I actually think your reviews are SPOT ON! Can't wait to check out some of your others to see if I can find any good reads to add to my collection!

    My review for CoFA! It's similar! lol!

  4. I just read the book and I think you are right. Clary is my favourite character and I even seem like her a little bit. I´m redhead and the attitude of "act first think later" works on me A LOT. I also laughed out loud in the book when Jace uses his sarcasm in sooooo many ways... I think I even cried like when I read Harry Potter and The deadly Hallows. Yes, I cried in the 2 last books (City of Glass and Fallen Angels) in the most sad and romantic part. Except in the dirty-sexy-alley scene.
    By the way does anybody think they´ll be a movie of the book?

    1. Yes,I have heard that there will be a movie.They are in the middle of casting.Here are the people.

      Clary Fray-Lily Collins
      Jace Wayland-Jamie Campbell Bower
      Pangborn-Kevin Durand
      Isabelle Lightwood- Jemima West
      Robert Sheehan- Simon Lewis
      Robert Maillet-Blackwell
      Shannon Kook -Magnus Bane (rumored)

      Although they offered alex pettyfer the part of Jace Wayland he sadly turned it down, which is a sahme because (in my opinion) he would of been a better Jace Wayland, Just saying.

  5. I read the books a while ago, and I must say I've really injoyed the series.You are right though.The fourth book was a little bit slack. I wish more would of happened with Jace and Clary.I liked how Classandra went more into Simion's life and the pain behind the vampire. I loved how ( I forget the name) other vampire ( the girl one) offers him to be in her clain other then Rahaels(Mistake). But exellent job at your reviews.I shall be doing a book review/blog soon! So exited and I shall be using your advise to help me along the way! Thank you and I shall keep reading your book reviews!